New Moon's homepage The MUD's homepage, with lots of info on it.

Players' Websites

Gaade's Healer Site A very useful site for new Healers, with skills and advice from the highest Healer ever on New Moon
Hessian's Leaguer Site A good source of advice for Leaguers, with skills, commands and advice from Hessian.
Aralissia's New Moon site A fun site, with a huge variety of information regarding New Moon
BasBiatach's Chaos Knights Site A roleplay based site, with no OOC stuff on it. Has a nice section containing descriptions of the Draconian players
ikAr's Destroyer site A site geared toward new Destroyers. Very useful indeed.

Clan Websites

The Silmarillion Order Without a doubt the largest clan on New Moon. Has members
ranging from level 150 to 700. Is based on mutual assistance and
aid for its members.
The Obsidian Knights One of the great old clans. Their war with the Shadow Alliance is almost legendary.
The Herb Hunters Another of the old clans, dedicated to helping people, and giving herbal potions to
people. It has Become innactive as of late
Knights of the Ages The reincarnation of the Obsidian Knights. While small at the moment,
their numbers are growing

Other Sites

New Moon Gauntlets Homepage Perhaps the most exciting thing for PKers in recent times.
These events have gotten huge. Check it out

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