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Advice on Advancing
Ranger Titles


Advice on Advancing.

This section is simply my opinion, and may well not be the best way to go about it. If you disagree with anything posted here, e-mail me with your preferred methods and I'll add them to the site. (don't worry, you will get credit)


Katan's advice.

I joined the Circle at around level 50. Perhaps this is a bit low though, and you'd be better off waiting till level 100, so you can gain some experience of fighting in the relatively safe environs of Heliopolis. As soon as I joined, I concentrated on combat skills, and killed kobolds, and fighters in Heliopolis. Once you get your main weapon skill up to about 100, don't worry about advancing it too much, as txp will take care of that. At this early stage, you should put all your xp into c.d.d.blow, c.d.armours and c.d.parrying.

Once these were at about 100-150, I began advancing other general skills, such as g.c.healing&herbs, and g.k.creatures and woodland. These skill enable you to make potions, and learn probably the most useful ranger commands of all, tame, and summon. Once you get these skills, and get a few animals trained up, you can start taking on bigger enemies. At this point it's worth noting that advancing stamina to a high level is a good idea, so that you can survive the combat commands of these bigger enemies.

Now, I recommend returning to the combat commands, or more specifically, c.special. Advance this up to 100 to get blur. a frenzy-esque many hit command which should help enourmously in combat.

Once you have this command, you should go for the cov.stealth skills, in order to gain underbrush and surprise - another two very useful skills. combined with 'slink' underbrush lets you move unseen through the forest, and surprise is the single most devastating combat command available to rangers (and possibly the most devastating in the whole game).

Now, I'd recommend going back to combat skills and guildmaxing the c.defence skills mentioned earlier, as well as your main combat.offence skill.. An important point here is to be careful not to let you main combat skill overmax. I did early on in my career, and have been slowly dragging myself back up to unovermax it. It doesn't matter if your main combat subgroup (ie: c.o.slashing) overmaxes, but don't let your idividual skill overmax within the subgroup. At least not untill you've advanced it to 600.

Oftentimes, you will find that you need to advance another skill, for a quest perhaps. This advice doesn't have to be followed in the order it was given, so feel free to amend, leave out, or add things in as you see fit.


Ranger Guild Titles

Level Title Level Title
<50 Tree Tender 280-299 Woodland Explorer
50-59 Apprentice Forester 300-319 Master Explorer
60-69 Forester 320-339 Hill Runner
70-79 Master Forester 340-359 Mountain Runner
80-89 Apprentice Woodsman 360-379 Trailrunner Adept
90-99 Woodsman 380-399 Forest Ranger
100-109 Expert Woodsman 400-419 Ranger Captain
110-119 Tracker 420-439 Experienced Ranger
120-129 Master Tracker 440-459 High Ranger
130-139 Applicant Wayfinder 460-479 Master Ranger
140-149 Qualified Wayfinder 480-499 Strider of Hills
150-159 Experienced Wayfinder 500-519 Master Strider
160-170 Woodland Trailblazer 520-539 Defender of Animals
170-179 High Trailblazer 540-559 Woodland Guardian
180-189 Pathfinder 560-579  
190-199 Experienced Pathfinder 580-599 Protector of Forests
200-219 Master of the Trail 600-649 Lord of the Trees
220-239 Hunter 650-699 Cultivator of Forests
240-259 Experienced Hunter 700 Populator of Forests
260-279 Master Hunter 750+ Forest Guardian*

Thanks to Tuck for telling me some of the ranger titles.

* The Ranger Lord title is also gained at level 750

Anyone who knows the title for levels 560-579, please let me know.

Note that a lot of these are now out of date. But regardless, they should give you an
idea about the character of the Circle, and what it stands for.


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