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Combat Commands and their uses.

Command Usage
Cleave This command is used with an axe or a cleaver. Not very powerful compared to blur, but useful up until the point you get blur. This command also can reduce your opponent's armour'sdamage to terrible condition (pointed out by Jet)
Skewer This command does similar amounts of damage to Cleave (but does not damage the opponent's armour), but it's used with blades. Again, you will find this command falling into disuse once you get blur
Stomp A weak unarmed command. Not recommended (save your gp for blur or another combat command).
Bodyslam Another weak unarmed command
Uppercut Yet another weak unarmed command
Spearhand A surprisingly powerful martial arts command - but it's recommended that you save your gp for other combat commands
Snapkick A surprisingly powerful martial arts command - but it's recommended that you save your gp for other combat commands
Disarm a very useful command. As it suggests, it causes an opponent to lose his grip on his weapon, leaving him to fight you unarmed for a while. The disadvantage is that you get less xp for killing an unarmed opponent (but not that much less, so generally it's worth using this)
Parry On using this command, you start to parry incoming blows, which, if you have a high skill in parrying, wont hit you. You wont make any attacks though, as you are busy parrying. A good tactic for parrying is working in tandem with another warrior. You protect him, and parry all incoming blows, while he attacks the enemy.
Blur Once you recieve this command, all other offensive commands bar surprise will quickly fall into disuse, as this far supercedes them. It launches a blur of weaponplay at your enemy, causing multiple hits.
Psyche This command when used will increase your skill bonuses, thus making you more effective in combat
Inspire This command is essentially the same as psyche, but it works on other players
Surprise You sneak up quietly behind an orc warrior. He doesn't hear you approach. Suddenly, you leap from the shadows and launch a series of attacks on his unprotected back. This command is the most powerful ranger combat command, and can cause upwards of 2k hp damage (if you're good).
Ensnare This command is used in conjunction with a throwing net. The net is thrown over the opponent holding them immobile. The problem with this, is the rather large xp loss you get when using the command.
Trip Used with a stave, you sweep the weapon under your opponent, tripping him up and stopping him from protecting others in combat. I've never used this command, so I'm unsure as to its uses and effectiveness.
Swordbreak Used to catch your opponents sword on a swordbreaker knife, and snap it. It takes a very high daggers skill to use effectively though.
Cripple EXTREMELY useful in a pk fight. Use it often. Cripple their head, or arms (depending on guild), then launch a surprise.


At a low level, cleave and skewer are your most useful commands, as well as disarm. Enter combat with a weapon that uses any of these commands, and repeat until the opponent is dead.

Once you get the ability to summon, use summons to protect you, and kill tougher things, such as goblins and hobgoblins. It's important not to indulge in overkill - find out how many summons you need to defeat a particular opponent, and use that many, otherwise, you get less xp.

Once you get blur and surprise, you'll find that you can kill these tougher opponents on your own, especially in a forest. Always start a fight with surprise, unless you know that you can't surprise your opponent. If this is the case, you're better off getting in an extra two blurs.

Of course, combining any combination here makes you even more powerfull. If you can't kill an orc with just blurs and surprise, then take a couple of summons into battle, and things become easier.


Weapons of a Ranger

This section will list the different weapon skills, and my (and sometimes other rangers') recommended 'best weapon' in each category. Where possible, I will name a two-handed weapon, and two single handed weapons. If you have high Strength, you should use the two single handed, whereas if you don't, the two-handed is generally better. Once you've been playing for a while, you will learn that in some situations, one weapon is better than another (a heavy sword will be more effective against an opponent with good armour for example).

NOTE: If there is an entry in the 'Quest Weapon' column, it means that the quest weapon is the best weapon to use in it's category (2 handed, or single handed)


Category Two-Handed Weapon Single-Handed Weapons Quest Weapon
c.o.s.swords Bronze Greatsword Katana and Ninjato Stormsinger
c.o.s.axes Thunder Axe Two War Axes None
c.o.s.cleavers Bill Guisarme Two Great Cleavers None
c.o.c.maces Battle Mace Two Stout Maces Mace of Ages
c.o.c.clubs Maul(1) Two Jitte(2) None
c.o.c.staves Battle Staff None Available None
c.o.p.blades Two-Handed Heavy Blade Epee and Talon Sword None
c.o.p.pikes a Broadhead Spear Spikehead Spear and Short Spear Deep Spear
c.o.p.daggers None Available Two Tripple Bladed Daggers None
c.o..martial-arms A Sang Kauw (3) Two Tonfa (4) None


(1), (2), (3), (4) Recommended by Jet


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