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These web sites are in no particular order, any comments I have made
are my personal thoughts on the site in comparison with my own.

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Official Kyodai Mahjongg Site
As it says above, this is 'the' official Kyodai Mahjongg website.
You can download the game, find out the latest news on the game,
and download extra layouts and tile sets.
Stuff for Kyodai
Loads of stuff, a veritable one stop shop for all your Kyodai needs.
This man eats, sleeps and breathes Kyodai. The only thing it lacks
is better site design, but the content more than makes up for that.

The music will drive you insane after 2 minutes though!
Decent looking site filled with loads of stuff to spice up your Kyodai.
This guy is Canadian, but the fact that he swears makes up for that.
Andy's resource Centre
Loads of stuff, from Midis to Applets, even loads of Kyodai thingies too.
A fellow Brit is Andy, which means he's alright in my book.
Not a bad looker this one, but it's gorgeous in the dark, lots of goodies
for the game but he needs a decent host cos of bandwidth probs.
Ok site design aside, the tile sets are very cheerful.
June's Cubby Hole
The filthy title suggests more, but alas it's aimed at Kyodai fans.
Apparently this girl is a whiz with computer art, but it's a bit 'busy'
for my liking. Anyway, some tile sets for you to feast your mince pies on.

Shame it takes so long to load.
Mugwump Dillard
Ok, so he has got a bizarre name, but out of all the fan sites I have links for on this page, his has the best design by far. And to top it off, it isn't just a looker, it has personality too, and stacks of charm.
Stacks of Kyodai related downloads will be found in these hills.
Viking Answer Lady

Scandinavian and female, what else could you want, Kyodai stuff? Yep She's got that too. Very nice designed tile sets await you on this site.

Surprisingly, some have a Viking theme...  
More Sites
If you have a site that you think should be on here then email me and let me know.
I have only included the above sites as I believe these are the best, not just for 
content but for loading times, downloading times.
And of course, you guessed it, looks!
Link to me
If you want to link to me then please do so. I don't have any
banners but if you wanted one to use then just ask and I'll
knock one up for you. If you do want to link to me then
please call it "MyKyodai" and use this link...

If you use frames then it would be nice if the link opened up in a new window automatically. Although I do use an anti-frame script so that 
isn't really an issue on my part.

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