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Well where do I start?!

I will tell you about what happened to Ripley....

I changed Ripley's diet over to raw food as soon as I found out about it when she was pregnant, the difference in her within 2 weeks was amazing; more energy, lovely glossy coat etc..

When the pups started to go to their new homes I added a 50% ratio of a 100% wholegrain mixer to her raw feed diet, that is when the problems started.

She got quite bad diarrhoea so the vets prescribed a course of antibiotics, one week later her skin went awful, in between her paws were red raw and she would constantly be licking and chewing them also her face had a sort of 'dirty' look to it and she would rub her face vigorously on the carpet, at the same time she would be dragging her behind on the floor as it was itchy (even though she is always up to date with her worming tablets) and also got an ear infection and had acne like spots on the top of her head. 

Straight away I thought 'Oh no she has allergies' so that is when I started doing my own research. At first it looked like most dogs with skin complaints are allergic to food, pollen etc. So I immediately cut out any wheat or Beef from her diet. But  still with no visible improvement and her skin worsening I decided to diagnose Ripley myself, so for the next two weeks I dedicated myself  to finding out more about dogs allergies. The first part of my research indicated that most dogs are allergic to the common house dust mite, so I totally de-dust mited the whole house, I even bought a Dyson Allergy vacuum cleaner, all the sprays, anti dust mite mattress, duvet and pillow protectors and bleach etc at a total cost of over 400!

But with no avail Ripley skin was just getting worse....

At this point I was at the end of my tether and so disappointed as I wanted Ripley to have another litter of pups. She had a good hip score, one of the best temperaments I had ever seen in a Johnson American Bulldog, was a natural fantastic Mum and already produced some fine puppies, so I was seriously considering having her spayed so as not to pass the condition on to any more pups.

Meanwhile my vet wanted to put Ripley on more antibiotics and also steroids but I refused so she referred her to a skin specialist for a skin test. I booked Ripley in for the test and they wanted 440 for it. Ten minutes after I booked the appointment for Ripley was when I made my discovery so researched this even further, a few hours later I was totally satisfied and cancelled the appointment.

Basically it was the antibiotics that had given her the skin problems in the first place!

To be honest I could of kicked myself for not realising sooner what was wrong with her.....


I was so pleased with myself for realising this and of course I already knew almost everything about this condition as I had suffered from it myself.

Straight away I cut out everything sugary from both dogs diet and got Ripley on two capsules of Probiotics (10 billion promoting bacteria in total) daily, Bubba on one daily. I bathed Ripley in Malaseb shampoo (available on prescription only from your vet) twice a week and left it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off and then creamed the bad areas of skin with a anti fungal cream.

I found an excellent site for dog's yeast infections: and bought both dogs a detox kit.

I rarely believe testimonials on web sites that want to sell their products so I contacted the people that recommended the detox-anti yeast kit myself and that proved that the testimonials were truthful. After reading almost all of the testimonials I realised that probiotics and de-toxing doesn't  just clear up skin conditions but many, many other ailments inc. hip dysplasia.

After only a week using the Nzymes products Ripley's and Bubba's skin started to clear up, Ripley has never since licked or chewed her feet, has more energy, has no more ear infections, doesn't scratch or moult as much, her 'dirty' face is slowly clearing and she hasn't rubbed her face or behind since.

The yeast infection is passed onto the pups (and children) when they are born, that is why the vets and doctors say it is hereditary!


It has been approx 3 years since I diagnosed Ripley's skin problem and started to correct it through diet alone and I am happy to say that I have a very content, itch free dog! Ripley is 6 years old now and has no problems with her skin since finishing the Nzymes products.

Thick black plaques to pink paws.......

Lumpy head with sore eyes to this....

Black skin to pink skin........

Brown fur with black brittle nails to this.....


Just remember to RAW FEED and.....

Grains break down into sugar.

Sugar feeds the yeast.

Antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria but won't touch the yeast.

Puppies first jabs cause an in balance in the good/bad bacteria.

Almost 95% of commercial dog and cat food are GRAIN based.

Only use non sugary vegetables, so no carrots, corn, swede etc.

Don't give yeasty foods i.e.. bread etc.


Please note that these are the products/food that I have found to benefit MY dogs and should no way deter you from doing your own research or going to your vets.

Emma Siggers

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