Skin Problems

This is the main problem that I help people with and to be honest it can be a nightmare!
I would say that 99% of the dogs I have helped have just had a simple yeast infection due to being on antibiotics or having a poor diet.
I could honestly write a tonne of pages on this subject but instead I have obtained the permission of Linda Arndt to copy a piece from her website which I feel nicely sums it up.

Taken from a short description on yeast infections:

Here is a typical scenario……let’s say your dog is 3 years old and been fed a grocery store level food. It was on antibiotics once for an infection. He has been healthy up until now, but one day you notice he is shaking his head, scratching his ear or perhaps chewing at his feet -- only once in a while, then a few days later it seems to be with more frequency. Soon the dog chews its coat, its skin is raw or itches himself more often than normal, and it is obvious there is a skin infection.
So off we go to the vet…..there we get an antibiotic for the ears, antibiotic for the coat to make sure there is no secondary infection and a shot of steroids to temporarily stop itching. The dog improves for a while, then all of a sudden days to weeks later the dog is in full blown chewing, itching, red feet and ears -- back to the vet for a second or third or fourth round of the same thing and more steroids. Now it becomes a vicious circle from 3 weeks to 6 weeks another flare up. Over and over. Then one day the vet suggests we do "allergy testing" because the dog must be sensitive to something, perhaps it is in the diet.
After hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars invested in tests and vet visit- the results tell you the dog is allergic to everything from dust mites to tuna and lima beans!!!! Now what do I do? Well, that is usually when people contact me. I am the last resort person in many of these so called allergy cases, which are nothing more than misdiagnosed systemic yeast infections from yeast/fungus overgrowth.

I have used this piece as I feel this is many people’s situation, as was mine!
Linda’s website is very informative and is a great read.
Like me she recommends using the products from Nzymes

For yeast infections I would buy some Malaseb shampoo (only available on prescription from your vet) and when you wash the dog in it once or twice a week, leave in on for up to 20 minutes before you rinse it off. Then towel dry the dog and spray on the Oxy-drops as directed in the Anti-yeast kit from Nzymes and let it dry naturally.
Also Neem shampoo is great to wash your dogs in as the Neem is anti-fungal too. You can buy this easily on the internet.

There are many products to soothe itchy sore skin but there is no use in using them if the main problem is still there as you are just masking the symptoms!

Here is a great link to yeast infections:

Please note that these are the products/food that I have found to benefit MY dogs and should no way deter you from doing your own research or going to your vets.

Emma Siggers

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