Commercial Dog Food and Cancer

Well what can I say? The more I hear about what’s in it and mainly how it’s made it makes me cringe!

I have helped a few people’s dogs with cancers and tumours now and I am very pleased to say that they have all (apart from one) recovered well – even the old dogs. I am not saying that the commercial dog food caused these cancers - legal reasons!

I started my research on cancer when I found out that a family member had prostate cancer. I settled with using the Budwig protocol. This protocol was discovered and intensively researched by Dr. Johanna Budwig.
You can do a simple Google search for her work to check it out and also do a search for Clifford Beckwith who has himself collected many true testimonials from people and many pet owners who have used the protocol. Johanna Budwig has also written some excellent books, you can find them all on Amazon.

When people come to me with dogs with cancer then I recommend to them to switch to a raw diet ASAP, unfortunately most dogs cannot have the RMB (raw meaty bones) as many of them are old and have lost their teeth due to being on commercial food their entire lives.
Then I tell them to use the Budwig part:
Twice a day to mix 4 tablespoons of fresh organic flax oil with half a pot of cottage cheese (six heaped tablespoons) and feed to the dog. This is the correct dose for a dog weighing between 5-10 stone.

The flax oil MUST be fresh, NEVER to be purchased off the shelf as it will be rancid which makes it poisonous. It must be thoroughly mixed with the cottage cheese, so you cannot see any more drops of oil.
The oil must be kept in the fridge once it has been purchased. In my opinion the best place in the UK to get it from is:

The vitamin B17 is meant to be excellent in the fight against cancer as is MMS too. Just type in "MMS cancer" or B17 cancer" into a Google search to learn more.

Here are some useful links regarding commercial dog food:  - A brilliant read


Please note that these are the products/food that I have found to benefit MY dogs and should no way deter you from doing your own research or going to your vets.

Emma Siggers

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