Embarrassing Moments

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Welcome to my web site!


An Introduction


About me

Ok, I had this brilliant idea of compiling a site full of hilarious events that have had some impact on people’s lives.  Plenty have happened to me… hence being the dippy person that I have become.  The first, and probably most significant one, was when I fell out of a 16ft tree, landing on my head, at the age of eight!  I used that as an excuse when I crashed in to a police car a few years back.  How was I supposed to know the policeman was going to park in to the space I was reversing in to?  It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I actually had a driving license at the time!


My interests

I like to go out to pubs and clubs but also like to have romantic nights in with a meal for two lovingly prepared by the local Chinese or Indian take-away and watching chick flicks. Failing that I tend to surf the net, email my friends and look for interesting web pages. I enjoy reading and at the moment I am working my way through Bridget Jones’ Diary and consider it to be a lot funnier than the film! There has been talk about me getting fit but, as of yet, I haven’t had the motivation! Do you think that if you don’t exercise and eat less it’s the same? I got knackered watching a work-out video for 20 minutes!!




I have had many friends but I can honestly say that Theresa and Rob are probably my closest.  They have been there for me when things have not been so great – usually men problems! They have five gorgeous children and live in Surrey.  Theresa is my ‘Pit Bull Terrier’!  When we have gone out clubbing in the past she has seen off men that just happen to walk pass me! You have got to know her to appreciate that this is funny. She is 5ft 2in (or so she says… I know she is shorter!), and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  However, saying that, she does have a certain look that can peel paint!  Rob, on the other hand, is her long suffering husband and puts up with a lot of crap – from both Theresa and me!  The poor guy ended up playing surrogate father to Jonathan when I was pregnant and looked after me very well even though I was a hormonal bitch.  There was even talk of us having an affair at one point which was quite amusing as I like my men to be taller than me and he doesn’t go for stick insects (his words)!!











This page was last updated on 11 January 2003.