An Interview with KelleMarie

KelleMarie is a 23-year-old glamour model from Cardiff. She has been a Page 3 starlet and is a former Penthouse centrefold. She specialises in girl/girl erotica and has just launched her own website. Here she gives us an insight into her hectic life as a model and tells us what it's like to perform for the camera. This email interview was completed in November 2003 by KelleMarie between photoshoots in Las Vegas.


What kind of upbringing did you have in Wales?

KelleMarie: I am the eldest of six children and I had a pretty good upbringing. I am close with all my family and they are all very supportive of what I do.

Was it always your ambition to become a model?

KelleMarie: It was never an ambition just something I fell into. I started off doing Page 3 then went on to shoot for top shelf magazines including a centrefold appearance for Penthouse.

Can you remember your first modelling job? Were you nervous?

KelleMarie: I was never shy with my body so I wasn't really nervous. Besides, most people I work with are really cool and down to earth. I think it was stranger for everyone else to see me.

How do you prepare for a shoot?

KelleMarie: Turn up on time, clean and fresh-faced. And try to be energized, as some days are so long.

Most of your work is girl/girl stuff. Is this based upon your sexuality or do you just feel more comfortable working with other women?

KelleMarie: I do like women but I love men also. I only film with guys for my own private collection LOL. To be honest I have maintained a girl/girl career for 5 years and work all the time. I love it! I have just put up my site and have a few other things I'm working on so, for now, I'm busy just doing what I'm doing.

Who are your favourite girls to work with and why?

: I love them all! Really, most of the girls I work with are just great.

Are the sex scenes you do ever genuinely erotic or is it purely work?

KelleMarie: Sometimes it's work as we may have a lot to film in one day but I think most scenes we shoot are genuinely erotic.

You've done some quite arty videos for Andrew Blake - how different is film work to just being photographed?

KelleMarie: Sometimes filming can be more demanding but on the other hand it's quicker to film as things tend to flow faster. I love to shoot all types from pretty girl to fetish.

You've started doing more fetish work lately - what do you like about that?

KelleMarie: In every day life I like to play and explore. My job allows me to dress-up, be sexy and live out what most people only fantasise about.

Like a lot of models your output has gradually become more explicit. Are we likely to see KelleMarie doing any boy/girl hardcore in the future?

KelleMarie: LOL I get asked that all the time. Right now I'm busy "doing girls" and boy/girl isn't something I'm considering but never say never.

Does your modelling career ever adversely affect your sex life?

KelleMarie: Sometimes for sure. I mean I'm human so yes I get tired and have nights in front of the tv slobbing out and eating pizza. However I'm a very sexual person - it's something I need. So am I ever too tired to cum? Not often LOL.

What are the plus points and what are the drawbacks of being a model?

KelleMarie: Plus points - I earn good money, get to travel all over the world and I get to sleep with lots of beautiful women.
Downside - travelling a lot is so tiring. Sometimes you've had hardly any sleep, you're up early and still have to look good to shoot. Also modelling is short-lived so you have to work while you can. Overall though I genuinely do love it!

Have you ever done any lap-dancing or striptease work?

KelleMarie: I used to dance with The Sport roadshow. It was fun, I travelled up and down the country like a yoyo. I stopped dancing as I found the work was drying up, there wasn't as much money to be made. Besides I was getting busier and busier with the modelling.

Where do you buy your clothes?

KelleMarie: From everywhere. I like to try different things and as I travel a lot I pick stuff up from all over the place. I like unusual items, I like to be unique.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

KelleMarie: Only a navel piercing.

What are your cultural interests?

KelleMarie: I like it all. My motto: variety is the spice of life! I tend to read more than anything though. I like history and culture.

What are you going to do when you finally hang-up your g-string?

KelleMarie: Get married and have babies - see I really am human LOL.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

ŠAnthony Brockway 2003