Abse, Leo Writer Fellatio, Masochism, Politics and Love (2000) Freudian exploration of the links between political self-destruction and sex. The best cultural analysis of the blow-job you are ever likely to read
Allan, Laurence Playwright Dangerous Acquaintances (1997) Not one, not two, but three Marianne Faithfulls feature in this gothic musical dramatization of a fan's obsession
Anhrefn Music Defaid Skateboard A Wellies (1987) Seminal Welsh-language punk band who refused to sing in English. The music's good too as this debut LP demonstrates. John Peel was a big fan
Auger, George Giant Jack the Giant Killer (1908) After leaving Wales to work in a circus in the US the 'Cardiff Giant' went on to write this satirical playlet starring himself and a cast of midgets which ran in New York for 18 months. A huge star (literally) in America he was allegedly 8ft 3" tall
Azzopardi, Trezza Writer The Hiding Place (2000) Booker-nominated debut novel set in the criminal underworld of Tiger Bay in the 1960s. Gothic account of familial sadism
Baines, Elizabeth Writer The Birth Machine (1983) Feminist sci-fi satire on the mythologies of birth. Re-released in 1996 as The Birth Machine - The Author's Cut
Baker, Stanley Actor Violent Playground (1958) Baker's sheer physicality transcends the melodramatic script and lends this film a gritty realistic edge. Love and arson in the slums of Liverpool
Baker, Stanley   Hell is a City (1959) Baker's harrassed police inspector is perfectly realised in Val Guest's seedy semi-documentary crime film
Baker, Stanley   The Criminal (1960) Outstanding performance as an existential gangster in Joseph Losey's classic portrayal of prison life
Bala, Iwan Artist Gwalia series (1999) Deconstructed Welsh myths are reconstructed with a fresh polemical twist. Powerful political art in a naif style
Barry, Desmond Writer The Chivalry of Crime (2001) The James Gang and the glamour of masculine violence seen through the eyes of a Welsh-American adolescent
Barry, Desmond   A Bloody Good Friday (2002) Barry returns to his roots in this fictional account of a race riot in 1977. Skinheads, Shop Boys and gypsies kick it all off in Merthyr Tydfil
Bassey, Shirley Musical Artiste Goldfinger (1964) The 'Girl from Tiger Bay' becomes an international diva and instant gay icon with 2 minutes and 47 seconds of pure vocal melodrama
Bassey, Shirley   Thought I'd Ring You (Pense Telefonearte) (1983) Cheesy duet with French heart-throb actor Alain Delon
Bennett, Hywel Actor Twisted Nerve (1968) Outrageous shocker sees Bennett disguising himself as a retard to commit murder. Attacked in its day for stigmatising mongoloids, this tasteless cult flick remains difficult to get hold of
Berry, Ron Writer So Long, Hector Bebb (1970) Berry uses the interior monologue to full effect in his hard-hitting pugilistic masterpiece. Fighting machine commits murder then goes primitive on a Welsh mountain
Big Leaves Band Racing Birds/Getaway Days (1999) The last great pop record of the Twentieth Century. Fin de siecle brilliance
Blonde on Blonde Band Contrasts (1969) Terrible name but this Newport psychedelic rock outfit's debut album was critically acclaimed upon release. They made two further albums before splitting
Bowen, David Pathologist Body of Evidence (2003) Grisly memoir of 40 years as a forensic pathologist. Inside account of the Denis Nilsen case; the death of Roberto Calvi; Keith Blakelock; and the mysterious demise of Rudolf Hess
Brito, Leonora Writer Dat's Love (1995) Brito's collection of short stories successfully poeticizes the black female experience in Cardiff. An insider rather than a noir tourist
Brydon, Rob Comedian Marion and Geoff (2002-3) Keith Barrett - Brydon's heroic loser - elicits pathos and mirth in equal measure in this perfect example of the comedy of embarrassment
Burke, Sean Writer Deadwater (2002) As the ultimate antithetical Welsh landscape Butetown holds a special fascination for local writers. Burke's well-written journey into a drug-fuelled and murderous heart of darkness is another welcome addition to the Tiger Bay canon
Burns, Jim
Artist Transluminal (1999) Burns' futuristic paintings and book covers have won numerous sci-fi awards. This collection spans 15 years of top quality work
Burton, Richard
Actor The Night of the Iguana (1964) Drunken apostate Burton fends off Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr in Huston's fine adaptation of a Tennessee Williams play
Burton, Richard   Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) Burton and Taylor snipe, goad and physically assault each other whilst performing a psychological dance macabre around the memory of their 'dead' child. The Oscar that got away - Burton is mesmerizing
Burton, Richard   Villain (1971) Burton brought a strong element of Jacobean malevolence to his portrayal of mother-fixated gangster Vic Dakin
Bush, Duncan Writer Glass Shot (1991) Bush's criminally overlooked novel is a dark depiction of male sexual obsession. A jilted Cardiff cowboy takes up stalking full-time. Flip-side to Nick Hornby
Cale, John Musical Artist Vintage Violence (1970) More velvet than underground, Cale's post VU comeback record surprised many with its pop sensibility. Cale recorded it in three days
Cale, John   Fear (1974) The most melodic and haunting of all Cale's albums
Cale, John   What's Welsh for Zen? (1999) Generously illustrated autobiography outlines Cale's journey from Garnant to the New York avant garde, as well as life after Lou Reed
Cardini Magician Multiplying cigarettes trick Became a huge star abroad. His 'drunk' sleight-of-hand routines freed magic from the complex staging of the Houdini era
Castaldi, Julian Artist/ Photographer Polaroid People (2003) An exhibition of Castaldi's polaroid snaps of everyone from John Malkovich to various porn stars. A breath of fresh air in Welsh photography
Chamberlain, Brenda Artist/Writer The Fisherman's Return (1949) A work that exemplifies Chamberlain's twin artistic obsessions: the sea and isolation. Hangs in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
Charles, John Footballer King of Soccer (1957) Autobiographical portrait of Britain's first modern footballer and most successful soccer export. Golden Balls eat your heart out
Charles, John   The Gentle Giant (1962) A second autobiography in five years demonstrated il gigante buono's superstar status
Childs, Euros Singer Chops (2006) Wonderfully eclectic debut from Euros Childs - more ideas per song than most chart fodder can muster in a career
Clews, Roy Writer To Dream of Freedom (1980) Romantic freedom fighters or crypto-fascists? You decide. Fascinating insight into MAC and the Free Wales Army
Clive, E E Actor The Invisible Man (1933) One of Hollywood's favourite character actors Clive put in a typically eccentric performance as Jaffers in this cult flick
Clive, E E   The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) The former stage thespian from Monmouth provided another show-stealing turn in James Whale's vintage horror
Club Artistic des Coiffeures Hairdressers The Cariad (1968) / The Croeso (1969) In the late Sixties a visionary group of salon owners got together and decided to invent Welsh hairstyles!
Cocks, Bev Porn Actress Licensed to Thrill (2002) Wrexham's answer to Linda Lovelace. Already an established star on the British hardcore scene, Ms Cocks has recently exported her talents to the US
Conway, David Writer Magic: An Occult Primer (1972) A bestseller in its day, this well-researched book took some of the obfuscation out of ritual magic and helped popularise it. Foreword by Colin Wilson
Conway, David   Secret Wisdom: The Occult Universe Revealed (1984) Conway (a pseudonym), a grocer's son from a village just outside Aberystwyth has been a hugely influential writer on magic and the occult
Cooper, Tommy Comedian Cooperama (1966) 'So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me "Can you give me a lift?" I said: "Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it!"' Class
Counsell, Melanie Artist Coronet Cinema (1993) Counsell has often utilized derelict spaces for her artworks. At the disused Coronet Cinema on London's Mile End Road she showed a 30 min film of a glass of liquid evaporating. Site-specific art at its most elegaic
Crud, Neil Anarchist Crud Fanzine (1980s) Influential North Walian fanzine which dispensed advice on committing arson and shoplifting. Incurred the wrath of the Daily Express over a cannabis-growing Rupert the Bear cartoon
Cummins, Peggy Actress Gun Crazy (aka Deadly is the Female) (1950) Bored misfit couple become bankrobbers for kicks. Cummins is superb as a thrill-seeking femme fatale with a fascination for sex and violence. Shockingly amoral it was the Natural Born Killers of its day
Dahl, Roald Writer Switch Bitch (1974) Cosmopolitan collection of adult stories each with a characteristically malevolent sting in the tail
Daniel, Jennifer Actress Kiss of the Vampire (1963) Hammer babe Daniel is splendid as the sexually frustrated newlywed kidnapped by a vampire cult
Daniel, Jennifer   The Reptile (1968) Daniel does her innocence in the presence of evil act to perfection in this influential horror
Datblygu Music Pyst (1990) Welsh-language musical guerillas from Brecon. Their general 'fuck you' attitude continues to prove inspirational to new Welsh-language bands
Davies, Andrew Writer Dirty Faxes (1990) Witty collection of short stories, sophisticated in technique but without ever becoming pretentious
Davies, Arthur Bowen Artist Maya, Mirror of Illusions (1910) Welsh-American artist famed for his dreamy landscapes, his unconventional sex-life and for organising the Armory Show
Davies, Barrie J Artist Painting to Wipe Your Ass With (2004) Barrie J Davies is an artist. His visual puns and use of the comedic make him one of the more compelling figures on the contemporary art scene in Wales
Davies, Betty Evelyn Writer The Welsh Widow (1948) (as Pauline Warwick) The trials and tribulations of a Welsh-speaking widow. Intelligent romance with plenty of Anglo-Welsh cultural friction. Worth a reprint.
Davies, Grahame Writer Everything Must Change (2007) At what point does political self-sacrifice become self-defeating? Davies weaves the life of a Welsh nationalist into that of Simone Weil's. Political novel with a strong masochistic streak
Davies, Howell Writer Minimum Man or Time to be Gone (as Andrew Marvell) (1938) Sci-fi thriller set in a near-future Britain depicting a fascist coup and its overthrow by a new race of tiny telepaths whose parthenogenetic births were caused by poison gas! The Howell Davies revival starts here
Davies, Howell   Three Men Make a World (as Andrew Marvell) (1939) A disaster story. Britain is turned back into an agrarian society by petroleum destroying bacteria!
Davies, Howell   Congratulate The Devil (as Andrew Marvell) (1939) A happiness drug is found to be intolerable to society. Davies describes the process by which its disseminators are hounded to death. Howell Davies died in 1985. Reprints please
Davies, Hugh Sykes Writer Petron (1935) Probably the most significant British text produced during the heyday of Surrealism. A gory reaction against his strict Methodist upbringing
Davies, Hugh Sykes   The Papers of Andrew Melmoth (1960) Weird sci-fi tale concerning rat intelligence. Scientist heads for the sewers to be with his furry friends
Davies, Idris Poet Gwalia Deserta (1938) Miner turned poet whose The Bells of Rhymney has been interpreted by The Byrds and... erm... Cher
Davies, Ivor Artist Destruction in Art Symposium (1966) First person to use explosives in Art. Yoko Ono was a fellow member of the group
Davies, Merryl Wyn Anthropologist Why do People Hate America? (2003) Co-written with Ziauddin Sardar, Davies examines America's often fraught relationship with the rest of the world
Davies, Merryl Wyn   American Dream, Global Nightmare (2004) Sequel to the above. Davies deconstructs the cultural myths which underpin America's current foreign policy
Davies, Paul Playwright Vagina Dentata (1995) Outrageous work performed by Davies' own innovative Volcano theatre group, based in Swansea
Davies, Paul   Talk Sex Show (2002) Anarchic satire on sex therapists and new-age gurus in general. Watch out for that giant penis
Davies, Rhys Writer The Dark Daughters (1947) A great gothic novel, full of malignant family hatreds. Also contains an excellent cocaine snorting scene
Davies, Rhys   Print of a Hare's Foot (1969) Ever the outsider, Davies the homosexual Rhondda-boy provides an entertaining account of his life as a European emigre writer and pal of DH Lawrence. Reads like an extended after-dinner anecdote
Davies, Rhys   Honeysuckle Girl (1975) Life of a middle-class heroin addict. Heavily influenced by his friendship with cult novelist Anna Kavan
Davies, Russell T Writer Second Coming (2003) Queer as Folk writer Davies scripted the best TV drama in years with this creepy messianic tale
Davies, Stevie Writer Kith and Kin (2004) Hallucinogenics? Hippy communes? In Abertawe? Yup, Davies sets this novel in Swinging Swansea in the Sixties. A 'flower-power on the Gower' rites of passage focussing on a pair of warring female cousins
Davies, W H Writer Autobiography of a Supertramp (1908) Proto-Beat novel, not so much 'on the road' as 'on the piss and jumping trains'. From Newport to North America with the amputation of his foot en route
Dee, Sophie Porn Actress Black Cock Addiction (2006) Sophie Dee is a rising star in American porn where she specializes in interracial films
Demented Are Go Band In Sickness and in Health (1986) Overlooked in the recent revisionist history of Welsh pop music. Demented's unique brand of high-camp psychobilly more than stands the test of time
Demented Are Go   Orgasmic Nightmare (1991) Sick titles and toe-tapping tunes are once more the order of the day. Who put Grandma Under the Stairs is the stand out track
Dickson, Paul Film Director The Depraved (1956) Menage a trois murder story done in an American film noir style. Dickson went on to direct cult TV shows like Jason King, Department S, and The Champions
Dickson, Paul   Satellite in the Sky (1956) Feisty female reporter stows herself away on a space rocket that happens to be carrying a bomb!
Dirty Sanchez DIY Stuntmen Dirty Sanchez (2003) The Dirty Sanchez crew bring a skate-park ethos to their masochistic daredevilry. Wales' contribution to 'Jackass' culture
Donovan, James Artist Cariad (1998) Donovan eschews social realism in favour of a refreshingly whimsical vision of Valleys life
Dronfield, Jeremy Writer The Locust Farm (1998) Described by one critic as Psycho meets Wuthering Heights. Mysterious stranger turns up on doorstep of lonely locust breeder. Is he a homicidal maniac?
Edwards, Dic Playwright Utah Blue (1995) Edwards' witty philosophical plays have seldom won the credit they deserve. This dramatization of the twisted psyche of killer Gary Gilmore is a cracking piece of gallows theatre
Edwards, Dorothy
Writer Rhapsody (1927) Chekhovian collection of short stories with a musical theme. Edwards would later commit suicide by throwing herself under a train
Edwards, Dorothy   Winter Sonata (1928) Modernist novel emphasising situation and atmosphere rather than plot. Reprinted in 1986 by Virago
Elwyn, John Artist Aftermath (1945) Ink, gouache and chalk. Anti-war work influenced by film of the Belsen death camp
Evans, B Ifor Writer In Search of Stephen Vane (1946) Mock-biography in which the narrator travels the world piecing together the life of egotistical author Stephen Vane. Post-war angst
Evans, Caradoc Writer My People (1915) The Old Testament meets Royston Vasey. Evans' savage satire of Welsh Nonconformity is one of the weirdest, nastiest, most original books you'll ever read
Evans, Cerith Wyn Artist Inverse, Reverse, Perverse (1996) Included in the controversial Sensation exhibition, Evans's distorting mirror creates disturbing self-portraits. Visually interactive and a wry comment on narcissism
Evans, Christopher
Writer The Insider (1981) The alien within. An alien takes over a man's body turning him into a social outcast. Excellent novel and very collectible too
Evans, Christopher   Aztec Century (1993) BSFA award winner for best novel of 1993. An alternative history that sees the Aztec empire extending into Europe (and Wales)
Evans, David Delta Writer Daniel Evelyn, Heretic (1913) (as Cadvan Rhys) An attack on the narrowness and hypocrisy of the Church by this expert on magic, freemasonry and folklore
Evans, David Delta   The Rosicrucian (1920s) (as Cadvan Rhys) An occult tale that takes place during World War One. Influenced by Machen
Evans, Gerald Writer The Black Sphere (1952) (as Victor LaSalle) Sci-fi adventure. Evans was a pioneer of cryogenics, even appearing on the Frost Show advocating the philosophy of: Freeze, Wait, Re-animate
Evans, Gwyn Writer Satan Ltd (1935) Author of numerous trashy novels in the 1930s. Others include: The Homicide Club; The Man With The Scarlet Skull; and Castle Sinister
Evans, Jason Photographer Strictly (1991) Evans' fashion photos of young black men dressed as toffs in suburbia challenge traditional ideas of class
Evans, John Writer Giants (2000) Confirms all your nightmare visions of council estate life in the Valleys. How Green was my Valley it ain't
Evans, Kenneth Writer Oasis of Fear (1968) Newport's forgotten thriller writer. Also published No Cause for Dying (1969) and Shadows of Violence (1971)
Evans, Marc Director Resurrection Man (1997) Ultra-violent and luridly shot portrayal of the Shankill Butchers. Hard-hitting film that didn't get the critical credit it deserved
Evans, Marc   My Little Eye (2002) Evans playfully incorporates our current obsession with reality tv into the horror genre
Evans, Merlyn Artist The Chess Players (1940) Evans did his best work in the Thirties and during the war. This Surrealist oil on canvas symbolizes the Nazi-Soviet pact signed by Hitler and Stalin
Evans, Merlyn   The Mark of the Beast (1940) Evans invokes Revelations to illustrate the rise of Hitler. A painting of energetic violence now hanging in the Tate
Evans, Nicholas Artist Disaster at Colliery (1979) Evans' apocalyptic paintings are reminiscent of Meidner. Pulsing with psychological and religious intensity, his art conveys the dehumanizing effects of heavy industry
Evans, Nicholas   Symphonies in Black (1987) Evans' daughter Rhoda outlines her father's dark and disturbing work. The Welsh Van Gogh explained
Evans, Powys Caricaturist Eighty-Eight Cartoons (1926) The great and the good of Twenties society are caricatured in this sleek collection. George Bernard Shaw, WH Davies, Jacob Epstein and many others get the pen and ink treatment
Evans, Richard J Historian In Defence of History (1996) The death of history has been greatly exaggerated. Evans sticks the boot into amoral Po-Mo theorizing
Evans, Richard J   Telling Lies About Hitler (2002) Evans points the finger of holocaust-denial at David Irving. The Welsh historian was an expert witness at the Irving versus Penguin Books libel trial
Evans, Richard John Writer Entertainment (2000) Into the Valleys! Young disaffected working-class intellectual and his crippled pal reject dull employment and patronising pity for drink, drugs and sex. Hurrah!
Evans, Stuart Writer The Caves of Alienation (1977) Mock-biography of fictional Welsh writer Michael Caradock. Intellectual book about truth and identity. One of the most ambitious Welsh novels of the twentieth century
Evans-Pritchard, Ambrose Writer The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: the unreported stories (1997) Tenacious political muck-raking from Evans-Pritchard, a perennial thorn in the side of the Clinton administration. Mysterious deaths, Waco and the Oklahoma bombing all come under his microscope
Finch, Peter Poet Second Aeon (1966-75) International in outlook, experimental, with gratuitous nudity - everything a poetry mag should be! Poems by Paz, Bukowski, Neruda, Tzara, Burroughs and many more. Magnificent!
Finch, Peter   Selected Poems (1987) Visually as well as phonically interesting. Experimental and surreal collection
Finch, Peter   Real Cardiff Two (2004) Finch continues his psychogeographic odyssey through the capital. Like its predecessor, Real Cardiff One, this is an essential guide to the psyche of a city
Finnemore, Peter Artist Gwendraeth House (2000) Amusing and inventive collection of photos relating to the artist's Welsh identity
Flyscreen Band Girls Can't Make Gun Noises (1999) Proof if proof were needed that punk never really died in Newport. A 'best of', from the Gwent outfit
Ford, Trevor Footballer I Lead the Attack (1957) Controversial autobiography in which Ford revealed illegal payments made to players. Forced to miss the 1958 World Cup Finals, "Terrible" Trevor was exiled to PSV Eindhoven
Frayne, Leighton Criminal The Frayne Brothers (2003) An insider's view of prison, organised crime and being one half of the "Welsh Krays"
Freeman, Kathleen Writer Death and the Pleasant Voices (1946) (as Mary Fitt) Classics scholar Freeman published over twenty detective novels after the war. This is one of the best
George, Llewellyn Astrologist A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator (1910) What star sign are you? Swansea-born Godfather of popular astrology helped pioneer the art in America with this seminal work
George, Peter Writer Two Hours to Doom (aka Red Alert) (1958) (as Peter Bryant) The grimly apocalyptic pulp novel upon which Dr Strangelove is based. George went on to co-write the film script with Stanley Kubrick and Terry Southern
George, Peter   Commander 1 (1965) Sequel to Two Hours to Doom in which a nuclear submarine is trapped under ice. George shot himself whilst writing the third and unpublished part of the trilogy
Gnome Photographic Photographic Equipment Gnome Pixie-Flex After fleeing Nazi Germany Heinrich Loebstein relocated to Cardiff where he launched a Welsh camera - the Gnome Pixie-Flex
Goble, Anthony Artist The Suicide One of his darker pictures. Have fun trying to work out the symbolism of a hanging man, a fish and some fruit
Goldie Lookin' Chain Music The Party Album (2003) Scorching EP from kleptomaniac Newport rappers. Lyrical snapshots of life in the Gwent ghetto including, of course, references to monkey-love. Can't fault it
Goldie Lookin' Chain   The Manifesto (2003) Clartastic album. Your Mother's Got a Penis is a personal favourite. Cult-status guaranteed and you knows it bra'
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Band Introducing Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (1996) That Euros Childs is the best writer of melodies on the planet is beyond doubt. This compilation is less folky than their later work. Frighteningly precocious
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci   Barafundle (1997) The record that best encapsulates the magical essence of GZM: a nostalgia for childhood innocence; a tendency toward the pastoral; schizoid shifts in tempo; and textually interesting bi-lingualism
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci   How I Long to Feel that Summer in my Heart (2001) GZM let the melodies do the talking and create their finest album. One day normal people will realise what a great record this is. A classic
Gower, Jon Writer Big Fish (2000) Lyrical and highly amusing set of short stories from that bloke off the telly
Gray, Raphael Hacker '' Website created by Gray to display hacked credit card details. As the 'Angel of E-Commerce' who sent a shipment of Viagra to Bill Gates, the boy from Clynderwen has become an internet folk hero
Greenwood, Gary Writer The Dreaming Pool (1998) Jack returns to Caerphilly for the funeral of his murdered father (whose had his head ripped off). Guilt and familial discomfort underscore the horror of the dreaming pool
Greenwood, Gary
  What Rough Beast (2003) The Son of God is risen in Newport, only he doesn't realise it. The malevolent Wandering Jew and the immortal Prodigals contest his fate. The perfect Xmas present
Griffith, Hugh Actor Ben Hur (1959) One of the most famous cameos in cinematic history. Oscar-winning performance as a (curiously Welsh) Arab sheik
Griffith, Kenneth Actor The Shop at Sly Corner (1947) Griffith was always excellent at playing sly twitchy perverts. Here he is in fine form as a seedy blackmailer
Griffith, Kenneth   I'm All Right Jack (1959) One of 6 films in which Griffith appeared with Peter Sellers
Griffiths, Niall Writer Grits (2000) Heroin and geology - it's a potent combination. Don't overlook the mythic qualities of this book nor the rhapsodic descriptions of landscape
Griffiths, Niall   Sheepshagger (2001) Feral mountain boy revenges himself upon 'civilized' English interlopers. At last, in Ianto, literary Wales has its first true cult anti-hero
Griffiths, Niall
  Stump (2003) Liverpool gangsters on the trail of a one-armed man hiding out in a Welsh seaside town. Griffiths's funniest novel
Griffiths, Philip Jones Photographer Vietnam Inc. (1971) The American military machine is tellingly contrasted with Vietnamese folk culture. Griffiths' haunting photographs indirectly helped to hasten the end of the Vietnam war
Gwyn, Richard Writer The Colour of a Dog Running Away (2005) Welsh translator gets caught up in all sorts of weirdness in Barcelona's gothic quarter. Part adventure story, part city study, part clever po-mo book. Whichever way you choose to read it, Gwyn's (Dickie White anyone?) debut novel is hugely enjoyable
Halborg, Kirstyn Porn Actress Amsterdam-Paris Sex Connection (1996) Veteran of the British porn scene both in front of the camera and as an agent. Kirstyn employs her Welsh accent to good effect in this hardcore European jaunt
Hamnett, Nina Artist Laughing Torso (1932) Best-selling autobiographical account of Hamnett's bohemian lifestyle. Aleister Crowley unsuccesfully sued for libel over allegations of black magic made in this book
Harding, Kat Writer The Lesbian Kama Sutra (2004) The ultimate guide to uninhibited sexual pleasure for the twenty first century lesbian
Harding, Lyn Actor The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935) Harding who specialized in villain parts is widely regarded as the best ever Moriarty. He reprised the role in 1937 in The Silver Blaze
Harris, George W Photographer Harris and Ewing Photographic Agency (1905-45) Co-founded the hugely influential Harris and Ewing photographic agency in Washington DC. As photographer to Presidents, his studio took official portraits of everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Eisenhower. Harris was originally from Bargoed
Harris, Melvin Writer The Ripper File (1989) Jack the Ripper expert Harris has published numerous titles concerning the infamous serial killer
Helen Love
Band Love and Glitter, Hot Days and Music (1999) Sparkling offering from Welsh pop post-modernists Helen Love, a group whose very existence is a homage to the Ramones. A duet with Joey Ramone on Punk Boy is the CD's highlight
Hopkins, Anthony Actor Audrey Rose (1977) Eerie performance from Hopkins as a man obsessed with a twelve year old girl, whom he believes to be the reincarnation of his dead daughter
Hopkins, Anthony   The Elephant Man (1980) Tone's most accomplished performance to date. John Hurt won all the plaudits for his make-up laden portrayal of John Merrick but Hopkins shone as the sympathetic medic
Hopkins, Anthony   Silence of the Lambs (1991) Hopkins moved up to superstar status after this bravura turn as sociopath Hannibel Lecter. Not his best work but a big hit with punters and Oscar judges alike
Hopkins, Bill Writer The Divine and the Decay (1958) Caused a furore upon release with accusations of fascism leading to copies being pulped. One of the original 'Angries', Hopkins's rather dubious novel was recently reissued as The Leap with an introduction by Colin Wilson
House, Gordon Artist Welsh (portfolio). Ten Coloured Etchings from Copper (1984) Renowned Sixties artist, worked on The Beatles White Album. Also collaborated with Ian Dury. In this selection he gets back to his Welsh roots. The results are as striking as ever
Hughes, Cledwyn Writer The King who Lived on Jelly (1961) Children's book but also a superb collection of fantasy tales. Characters include a king who can only eat jelly; a seller of sunshine; a controller of rainbows; and a mouse that can't say the letter 's' without sneezing
Hughes, Gareth Actor And the Children Pay (1918) Acting against type Hughes is cast as a villain in what appears to be an anti-VD melodrama. Hughes was Wales's first Hollywood film star
Hughes, Gareth   Eyes of Youth (1919) This silent film also starred Rudolf Valentino. Hughes would later give up acting to become a missionary working with native American indians
Hughes, John Alwyn Artist Horsemen series (2003) Images of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are pointedly combined with symbols of Western capitalism
Hughes, John L Writer Tom Jones Slept Here (1971) Early Welsh noir. Hughes adopts a lyrical truncated style to describe life in a stagnant Pontypridd. A somewhat neglected book
Hughes, John L   Before the Crying Ends (1977) More louche sex and recusant behaviour in Hughes's sequel to Tom Jones Slept Here
Hughes, Rhys Writer Rawhead and Bloody Bones & Elusive Plato (1998) Wales's best kept literary secret. Dead comedians, incest, suicide, auto-erotic asphyxiation. We may soon have to start using the term 'Hughesian'
Hughes, Rhys   The Smell of Telescopes (1999) 26 surreal stories. Imagine Hieronymus Bosch squinting through a kaleidoscope and you have some idea of Hughes' world view
Hughes, Rhys   Stories from a Lost Anthology (2002) Advice on how to kidnap Dylan Thomas decades after his death and that kind of thing. Michael Moorcock is a big fan - need I say more?
Hughes, Rhys
  The Percolated Stars (2003) Imagine, if you will, a kind of sexually perverted Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And if you're a clown... maybe you should read something else
Hughes, Rhys   A New Universal History of Infamy (2004) Never one to shirk a challenge Hughes only goes and reinterprets Borges's Historia Universal de la Infamia (1935)!!
Hughes, Tristan Writer The Tower (2003) Excellent lyrical novella that uses an old windmill as a central motif from which to explore time, place and identity
Hughes, Tristan   Send My Cold Bones Home (2006) An Ynys Môn recluse meets a rootless drifter. Essentially a gothic novel that plays around with ideas of stasis and movement
Humphreys, Emyr Writer The Little Kingdom (1946) Humphreys rejects a Nietzschean style of Nationalism for a more humane version
Humphreys, Gerry Film Sound Recordist Repulsion (1965) Veteran sound recordist whose credits also include The Italian Job and Bladerunner amongst many others
Humphries, John Architect Tabernacl, Congregational, Morriston (1872) Salem, Zion, Bethel - one of the chapel builders who helped turn Wales into a weird architectural reference to Palestine. This work is often referred to as the Non-Conformist Cathedral of Wales
Hurn, David Photographer Striptease girls (1965) Hurn's social documentary photos for Magnum during the 1960s, featuring strippers and Soho prostitutes, remain among his best works
Hurn, David   Barbarella publicity shots (1967) Iconic snaps of Jane Fonda for the cult Sixties film. Hurn also did the classic From Russia With Love James Bond publicity pics


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