Howard Marks
At one time the most wanted drug smuggler on the planet. In 1989 he was busted by the DEA, extradited to Florida from Spain, and served 7 years of a 25 year sentence in Terre Haute Penitentiary for international drug smuggling.

Ivor Novello
In 1944 Novello spent four weeks of an eight week sentence in Wormword Scrubs prison. His crime - the misuse of petrol coupons during wartime rationing. Novello did it in style though, driving around in a borrowed Rolls Royce. His cause wasn't helped when he attempted to bribe the officer who delivered his summons. One of Novello's fellow Scrubs inmates was a certain Mad Frankie Fraser.

Angus McBean
During WW2 Welsh Surrealist photographer Angus McBean moved from London to Bath. He even allowed various young male evacuees to take refuge with him. However after complaints from neighbours about decadent goings on police broke into his house and arrested him. McBean was charged with the perversion of minors, found guilty, and jailed for four years. He served two years, six months at a Lincolnshire camp.

Ruth Ellis
Crime of passion murderess who picked up the 'last woman to be hanged in Britain' tag. She was imprisoned then executed at Holloway, north London.

David Sullivan
Jailed for nine months in 1982 for living off immoral earnings. Sullivan, however, took his case to the Court of Appeal and was released after serving just 71 days at Ford Open Prison. Soon after his release he launched the Sunday Sport.

Saunders Lewis
In 1936 Saunders Lewis - along with two others - performed a symbolic act of arson on materials to be used in the building of an RAF bombing school in Penyberth, Caernarvonshire. Found guilty of the charge in a London court, Lewis was sentenced to nine months imprisonment at Wormwood Scrubs.

Angharad Tomos
Has served several prison terms on behalf of the Welsh Language Society. Her book Yma o Hyd (Still Here) (1985), is the diary of a language activist in prison, and incorporates autobiographical elements.

Roddy Moreno
Cardiff skinhead icon Roddy Moreno once did a bit of bird, but upon his release formed skinhead band The Oppressed and helped set up SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice).

Mickey Thomas
The 'Welsh George Best' ended up spending some time at her majesty's pleasure after being found guilty of passing counterfeit money.