David James
Ex-miner from Swansea turned international pornographer. He co-founded the Vivid Video empire in Los Angeles. The company structured itself like one of the great Hollywood film studios of the Twenties, using the star system to package its actresses like goddesses. Now porn divas are as well known as pop stars and mainstream actors. James is arguably the most culturally influential Welshman alive.

Kirstyn Halborg
Veteran porn actress who was married to Omar, the biggest (I use the term advisedly) male porn star in the industry. Kirstyn has also run her own adult model agency.

Tracy Gibb
Busty Eighties hardcore porn actress from North Wales.

Chasey Laine
Retired porn superstar of the Nineties claims to be of Welsh and Cherokee heritage.

Former Penthouse pet from Cardiff who specializes in lesbian porn. Also known as 'Queen of the Dildo'.

Appeared in Cym Special filmed in Barry, her hometown, and Wet, Welsh and Wild before going on to do hardcore.

Bev Cocks
Recently retired prolific hardcore actress. Bev is from Wrexham and wears her patriotism on her behind - where she has a Welsh dragon tattoo.

Andrea Llewellyn Dawkins
You don't have to be a contortionist to be a porn star but it helps! Andrea can actually put her ankles behind her neck. Eye-watering.

Morrigan Hel
If there's such a thing as goth-porn then Lampeter-born Morrigan is its queen. She specialises in S&M and fetish videos.

Kathy West
North Walian model who caters for the needs of uniform fetishists.

Isabel Ice
Welsh adult star currently making a name for herself in the US. Isn't afraid to draw attention to her Welshness.

Lara Lee
South Wales model has recently made her hardcore debut in the excellent Hot Cinders. Definitely one to watch out for in 2006.

Sophie Dee
Sophie has recently made a big impact on the porn world, especially in the States where she has been specializing in interracial movies.


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