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Since I got into 2D animation through making gif animations, there's been a feeling that something is missing. A good few of the gifs I've been making seem to cry out for a soundtrack. One of these days I might even take the plunge and learn how to use Macromedia Flash, in which case I could plan the whole thing with sound from square one. But so far I've added sound to existing gifs as an afterthought, and the easiest way to do that is with Shockwave.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what's Flash and what's Shockwave. This isn't very surprising, since Macromedia now talk about Flash Shockwave as well as Director Shockwave, and generally these days when you click on a link that says "Get Flash", you go to exactly the same place as if you had clicked on a link saying "Get Shockwave". Confused yet? The simple answer seems to be that Macromedia has bundled the two plug-ins together, and if you can see (and hear) the animations on the next page, you've got them already. Otherwise just click on the link below and download the plug-in.

Get Shockwave