Norwegian Forest Cats





Date of Birth: 8th September 2004

NFO f 09 24. Black Tortie Spotted Tabby & White





"Cezanne"  joined our family in December 2004, also from our good friends Colin & Linda :-)

She is the niece of our "older" girls - Lily and Poppy; and is an affectionate young lady


Cezanne is just happy to be with us, and happy to be with our other cats!

She is a real darling, who loves fuss and will talk all day long!

...a wonderful temperament, which she passes on to her babies :-)


Cezanne has had gorgeous babies with both Ilios and Hedera - to see her litters, use links at bottom of page ;-)

Now she is having a break from motherhood, to hopefully regain her condition and attend a few cat shows.

She will have her next litter Spring 2009 onwards...


Again, thank you Colin & Linda.xx




Chilling in a box...

...with her little friend Zurel :-D


Holding paws with Ilios...




IC GB*Tuulikki Prince Ragnor

NFO w 63

DK IC Imagine's Explorer

NFO w 61

DK Imagine's Baron Ballove

NFO w 61

DK Europa's Jumbo Jet

NFO w 61

IC Palina Ve Gimle

NFO n 23

DK IC. Hopeless Tribes Carmalita

NFO n 09

Radiobil Felis Jubatus*DK

NFO n 09 22

N*Flatland's Gina

NFO n 09

GIC GB*Kjaerligkatt Ophelia

NFO f 09

DK EC Sweetheart Roland Felis Audax

NFO e 23 (NFO e 23)

EC. August Strindberg Felis Jubatus*DK

NFO n 23

GIC. Marimekko Felis Audax*DK , DM

NFO f 09 22

IC.(N) Zorbas Corny

NFO f 09 23

CH N*Lotte Menotte's Hannibal

NFO d 23

IC N*Zorbas Afrodite

NFO n 09


IC Nordlys Francesca

NFO n 23

IC S* Animaniac's Happy Hour

NFO n 24

EC. S* Tomten's Bernardh

NFO n 09 22

EC.S*Backom's Gillis

NFO n 23

EC. S*Winner's Goldie Hawn

NFO f 22

S* Animaniac's Meggie Megara

NFO n 09

IC. S*Nasco-Katten's Egon

NFO ns

S*Destiny's Agamemnonia

NFO f 09 21

S* Ewkala's Gima

NFO n 09 24

PR. & GIC.  S* Wildwood's Imer

NFO ay 24

CH. S*Amazonas Camilo

NFO n 22

CH. S*Wildwood's Humla

NFO a 24

EC.  S* Tassajara's Belkira

NFO n 09

IP. & EC. S*Rockringen's Hoodoo Guru

NFO n 09 22

SW 99 / 00 GIC S*Tassajara's Mymla Tigrisdotter DM

NFO n 09 24


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