It is with some regret that Eddie is closing his Salford Website.

Eddie Smith has spent the last 12 years posting his photos of Salford online, starting in 2005 on the Old Broughtonians Forum and other websites, and then onto Facebook from 2007 onwards. It should be noted also that this website alone took months to make!

Eddie started the Classic Salford Photo Group which grew into the biggest Salford group of this type, sharing old and new photos of Salford. 

Eddie has posted thousands of Photos on Facebook and allowed everyone to freely share them and even print them off if they so wished. Eddie was also always happy to let people use his photos in projects, books and other media when ever he was asked.

Eddie drew the line at one thing, which was anyone removing his name from his photos and/or changing them in anyway, which is something he is perfectly within his rights to expect. Photos online are still the property of the photographer because it is his work , done on his expensive equipment and done in his time and at his cost. Eddie has never expected a thank you or anything from people who seen his photo, other than people enjoying his photos and sharing them in the same original state as they were when Eddie first posted them.

Sadly there is ONE person on Facebook who refuses to share Eddie's pictures in the above way, instead for a number of years this person has been removing Eddies name from the photos and then turning them into a poor greyscale version of the original full colour photos and then passing them off as his own, this is known as Plagiarism, or just simply "theft". Eddie has asked him not to not to do this this few times, but the person refuses, and instead he tell Eddie to go away and report him to facebook. When Eddie does this the person then starts a post on his group crying about being reported for copyright in an attempt to victimise and shame Eddie, when in fact it is HIM who should be named and shamed for not using facebook sharing options in the correct manner that everyone else does!!!

The group this person runs is called "Bygone Times in Salford". Laughingly this person has the gall to called Eddie a "Plastic Salfordian", even though Eddie lives in Salford, where he was born, but this person lives in CHORLEY who can't even get some of his location facts about Salford correct!

Anyway Eddie has had enough and decided to withdraw from Salford Social Media (Facebook) and close his Salford Webpage including his facebook "Eddie Smith Salford Photography" page, and now concentrate on his first Photographic Passions like Landscapes and Sunsets, which this webpage will eventually show.

Eddie would like to add a thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and shared his Photos in the same positive manner that Eddie has always shared them himself.