The club was formed in late 1982 when the Teesside Model Boat Club split up over a choice of sailing water. The new club continued to use their original water which was Number 2 reservoir in Middleton water park, a former reservoir in the village of Middleton St George.

The lake we use is 85 by 88 metres and 1.5 to 2 metres deep. There is an ideal launching and landing stage about four metres long. The club also has a brick built building which contains a club room, a toilet, and a storage and building area.

Sailing/Meetings are held on Wednesday afternoon/evenings and Sunday mornings.

Membership currently hovers around 80-85 members.

Current membership subscription is 20 a year. This cost includes third party insurance for the member.

Members interests cover a wide spectrum of model boating and maritime lore, merging into model engineering on the one hand and research and reference on the other.

We stage a "Paddler Day" each year, which is solely for paddlewheel ships. This has proved to be a popular event, and one which is totally unique in the modelling calendar! We might even convince YOU to build one!