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Welcome to the 'Nostalgic Music TV' Website!

This is a site dedicated to some of the most influential Music Tv programs of the 60's and 70's, many of which are no longer in the archives.
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Latest News/Updates

  • Get It Together & Cheggers Plays Pop Section added.
  • Loads of Information added to 45, Lift-Off & Supersonic listings.
  • Look Alive, The Geordie Scene, Shang-A-Lang & Ready Steady Go added.
  • TOTP Recoveries section added.
  • Supersonic 'Show 8' has been re-discovered in the NFA & LWT archives. (Jan 2013).
  • TOTP AUDIO Section is now up & running.
  • Latest TOTP Recoveries added to 'Full Shows' Section. Inc: 1971, 73, 74 & 76.
  • Updated the Orphan clips & TOTP Promo sections.
  •  Supersonic Episode Guide has been Updated with Transmission dates and more details.
  •  Rock on with 45 Episode Guide has been updated with all shows and transmission 
  •  Lift-Off has had a major update - New episode guide added.
  •   BBC 4 are currently re-running the shows from 1978.

Photo Album

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MountainsLook at my new online photo album filled with pictures from some of the missing performances of Totp.

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