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Unlike most cars the MGF is designed around a mid-engine layout, and while this arguably provides the best platform when it comes to handling, it does not make life easy when it comes to engine access. Of course, with new technology and increasing service intervals, needing access to a modern car's engine is becoming less of a necessity for car owners and is limited to little more than regular checking of oil and coolant levels. However, there are times when engine access is required (replacing the air-filter for example), obviously this is not simply a case of opening the bonnet when you have an MGF. Unfortunately, this subject is not covered in the owner's handbook so you may find this following guide helpful....

Step 1: From inside the car, pull away the parcel shelf carpet to reveal 5 clips holding the rear hood section in place. Undo the clips by swivelling their lower edge upward.

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Undo clips

Step 2: Back outside; carefully pivot the rear hood section up and towards the front of the car, taking care as you do so to avoid creasing and damaging the rear screen. Use a length of cord/string to secure the hood as shown in the photo.

Secure Hood

Step 3: Remove the parcel shelf carpet and sound proofing material. Note: The wiring loom for the heated rear window (hardtop) runs through a slot in the carpet; you may need to pull the carpet quite hard and easy it from under the t-bar (trim behind the seats) to get it out - be careful you don't damage the wiring in the process.

Remove Carpet

Step 4: Use a 10mm spanner (socket and ratchet recommended) to unscrew the 11 bolts holding the steel engine cover in place.
Note: There's a long sharp edge behind the t-bar - mind your fingers!

Remove bolts

Step 5: Before attempting to remove the cover, position the 3 hood securing clips as shown in the photo (nearest one up, the other two down), this makes lifting out the cover much easier. Standing on the left of the car (top of picture) raise the cover's front edge and shift the whole thing forward (towards front of car). Now ease the cover from the engine bay by lifting and wiggling it left and right between the hood securing clips...

Set the clips

Step 6: Once you've negotiated the hood securing clips it's simply a case of lifting the cover from the engine bay...

Remove the cover

Step 7: ....and there you have it - the MGF's engine.
Note: If you look to the top of this photo you will see I've already replaced the standard aif-filter and filter housing with a K&N 57i filter, so you may find you engine bay looks slightly different in this area.

The Engine

Step 8: More access can be gained by removing the service cover from inside the boot. Simply pull the four fixing points from behind the bodywork (frontmost edge) and lift the cover out.
Reverse all these processes to refit the service cover and close the engine bay.

Further access

11th June 2000, Copyright 2000 - P.S. Lathwell