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As promised, here is my account of my adventure in Hungary. 1984. Beginning of the year I had donated my appendix to the hospital and of course only declared myself fit, after  my hunting picture "Tally Ho Ho" was finished. But that is another story. Well when you are fit, you make plans for a holiday, yes ??????? SOOO after receiving nice interesting letters from Mrs.Goldberg USA who originated from Hungary I suggested to my husband that it would be nice to see another type of lace in the making. I knew he would not come with me. His excuse was that he did not speak hungarian, neither did I, but that did not stop me.

So here I come Kiskunhalas. A 35 hour train ride, via Vienna, where I had a nice  conversation with a gentleman in thre train who naturally wanted to know where I was going. Kiskunhalas gave him laughing convulsions. He actually called me a crazy woman, coming all the way from England to go to Kiskunhalas where there was nothing. He apparently did not know about the lace.

The Lace School

The school was just a bungalow with a small museum attached. The ladies were friendly but not very helpful. They would not do any lace for me to watch. When I showed them Honiton lace, they knew it and dismissed it, saying that it was not as difficult to make as theirs. But they were eager to sell and of course I had to bring back some just to show off. I put by a certain amount for spending in each town, but what the hell, I spend........ so much so that I had just enough to get me the next day , Saturday,to Kalosca, famous for the very coloured embroideries.


Well when I arrived there, after leaving him in Budapest, I could see what he meant. There really was nothing to speak of. Anyway next day Friday I started to explore the place. and tried to find the lace school. I had a map but somehow could not find the way. So I asked 2 workmen, they apparently had not heard of Halasi cipky, that is all I could say. Just visualise this. Both men got into a heated argument, surely I am not starting a war ? What a relieve when a lady came to my rescue and showed me the way. Next morning on the way to the station I got a whistle and wave from the men.

Treasures of Halasi Lace



My sumggled stamps.



How do you like the painted wallpaper ? Just imagine if a husband comes home tipsy Poor devil would habe a job finding her.

K A L O C S A,  just a short ride by train. I usual follow the crowd when I don't know the place. Could smell the outdoor market  from a distance.All these herbs and peppers. Got a map and took off to the museum. That is a little way out, but when I got there it was closed.  So  I was waiting with others in a another building, which had a display of coloured lace. Nowadays I think they only make the laces with white thread. Behind the curtain on the stage we could now and then see ladies in an undressed state, putting on 3 underskirts, then a top skirt, over that an
apron, not to forget the blouse and headdress. Every item was embroidered in
glowing colours.

A bus came and unloaded ladies and gents, all dressed in their costumes, but not so colourful. Could not understand a word they said. So I was gently pushed into the museum. What would you have done in my place ? Should I laugh when they did ? What a prat I would feel, if they asked me questions after apparently finding it funny as they did. So I was always the last to follow.  To this day I have not a clue what was so funny about some of the things on show. After the tour I was going back into the town, when the driver bundled me into the coach, not taking no for an answer. Funny how many pictures flash by in your mind. Well I gave in. Was relieved that he went the same way  I came from the town. So far so gut. The bus stopped outside a hotel. I was trying to  thank  the driver when again he took over and escorted me into the hotel (with all the others of course). I took it as an invitation for tea. WRONG. We all had to go to the back of the hotel,  where there was a stage, sit on uncomfortable chairs and watch different groups dance and sing. I loved all their beautiful costumes.


Changing money has its hazzards. When I am on holiday I don'tcare what date it is, so after having to wait a long time beforea grumpy  lady (no she was no lady) attended to me, she having to fill in forms in triplicate and I to write thecheque, alas with the wrong date. Oh no, they don't initialmistakes. She had to go through the motion in triplicate again. Ishall never forget her face. The whole procedure took about 1 1/2hours. What an interesting ending after an exiting day. I had totake the train to Budapest. They said in the hotel  that Ishould take the slow train because that arrives earlier than thefast one. Well, you have to giggle. But later I asked in Budapestand they said it is true, because of delays on the border withBulgaria. And there you have it.

One week in Budapest was not without incident. Brugge for theOidfa meeting and needle lace course where I had to show off mystamps and telling all about smuggling them out. They all laughedbecause they all brought theirs in Brugge, but I had the lastlaugh as mine where cheaper.

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