North York Moors CAM

The Crosses of the North York Moors

York Cross

( Grid Ref: 878 015)


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York Cross (looking east towards Ravenscar)..........................York Cross (looking north towards Whitby)


York Cross is situated on Sneaton High Moor about 2 miles north of Fylingdales Early Warning Radar Station.
The medieval stone stands on the line of the Whinstone Ridge, a 'fault' that stretches the whole width of the country,
created millions of years ago by volcanic eruption, evidence of which can be seen as a series of disused quarries.

It consists of a sturdy shaft sitting in an 18 inch square base. Not much is known as to the history of the cross,
though it is most likely linked to the fact that it lies near a number of old tracks which led to Whitby, one of which
came from York - hence the name York Cross, though this is pure speculation.


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