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The Crosses of the North York Moors

Siss Cross

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Siss Cross looking east

'Siss Cross stands isolated on the south east slope of a ridge which forms part of the north Cleveland watershed.
The original cross has been replaced by a weathered stone waymarker set into a base which has now sunk deeply into the marshy ground.
The old Siss Cross Road, now only a rough track, runs south past the cross to join the unflagged path known as the Pannierman's Causeway
just north of Danby village. Packponies came from the north along this route via Siss Cross on their way to Danby.
Deep pony tracks can be seen about 100 yards south of the cross.'

('An Illustrated Guide to the Crosses on the North Yorkshire Moors' - Elizabeth Ogilvie & Audrey Sleightholme)


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