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The Crosses of the North York Moors

Roppa Cross, South

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Roppa Cross, South (looking south-east). . ...... .. . . . .... . . . . . . . .Roppa Cross, South (looking south-east)


Roppa Cross, South stands on Helmsley Moor approximately of a mile south of Roppa Cross, North,
and is accessible about 100 yards east of a narrow path through deep heather.

The existing remains are only part of an original cross which would have stood approximately 6 feet 5 inches.
The top is precariously balanced on part of the shaft and consists of an ancient wheelhead
with the carving of a 'maltese cross' just visible.

"Waymarking was thought to have been the origin of the two Roppa Crosses, both of which stand on the ancient
Via Magna on Helmsley Moor. This important road mentioned in Walter Espec's second grant of land to Rievaulx Abbey
in 1145 AD, left Helmsley due north to join the ancient Thurkilsti road just north of Stump Cross on Bransdale Ridge.
There is now little trace of the line of the Magna Via remaining today."

('An Illustrated Guide to the Crosses on the North Yorkshire Moors' - Elizabeth Ogilvie & Audrey Sleightholme)


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