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The Crosses of the North York Moors

Malo Cross

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Malo Cross (looking north-east towards Langdale Forest)......... ..Malo Cross (looking south-west towards Whinny Nab)


Malo Cross stands near the base of a steep little escarpment known as Whinny Nab about 1 mile east of Saltergate.
An ancient Pannierman's Road leads north east from Malo Cross to Lilla Cross, about 3 miles distant.

Malo Cross, like Mauley Cross, is named after the de Mauley family who lived at Mulgrave Castle, near Sandsend.
Carved on its north-east head are the initials K with R E beneath - Sir Richard Egerton (Knight).

"In 1619 records of the Duchy of Lancaster details of a cross erested near Whinny Nab in the Tabular Hills
are mentioned in connection with an alleged violation of The Laws governing the royal deer forest of Pickering,
which states 'In the years 1619 and 1621 various matters including charge of trespass and encroachment were
submitted for the consideration of the jury, who found '. . . that Sir Richard Egerton Kt hath made divers enclosures,
about Blackhowe being in the heart of the Forest, and hath set or caused to be set up on Whynny Neb
new bounderstone with a cross' . . ."

(From 'An Illustrated Guide to the Crosses on the North Yorkshire Moors' by Elizabeth Ogilvie & Audrey Sleightholme)

In the latter part of the 19th century the cross disappeared, but it was found in 1924 in a garden in Pickering and was returned
to its original position, possibly accounting for the signs that the cross has at one time been damaged and repaired.


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