North York Moors CAM

The Crosses of the North York Moors

Baysdale Cross

( Grid Ref: 617 059 )


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Baysdale Cross (looking north-west).... ............................. ...........Baysdale Cross (looking north-east)


Baysdale Cross is situated beside the moorland track known as The Flagged Road on Middle Head Moor
approximately a mile south of Baysdale Abbey (now a working farm)

The shaft is broken into several pieces, some of which lie around the base.The photograph above is how it
looked when I found it and when I left it. There is some kind of diagonal, ornamental carving on parts of the shaft.

Baysdale Cross may have been used as a guide to travellers and there's a possible connection
with the nuns from the nearby Cistercian abbey which was situated in the distant valley on the right-hand photo


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