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Are you unsure about your Usenet history? Don't know your rec.aquaria from your alt.snuh? This page is for you. Everything you ever needed to know about Usenet in easily digestible capsule form.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are some of the most vital and important posts ever to be committed to Usenet. What follows is an important and comprehensive archive dedicated to the scholars and academicians of the future, and not some old shit that I never got round to deleting from my hard drive. Honest.

06/08/1999 The Tao of Meow Sysero
28/08/1999 the_mighty_balloo.sig Balloo
08/09/1999 The Andy Beckwith drinking game Flame Jeroen
08/10/1999 The Skippy Frogery Cascade 1 and 2 various artists
09/10/1999 Don't chug molten army men Omny3, Robby Rat & Axel
09/10/1999 Teh Jify Klub Fiting Buk Blub
11/10/1999 Anthony Jenkins claims pimple on butt, says "Ouch!!!" Anthony Jenkins
18/10/1999 Loafcopped! The 2-Belo
24/10/1999 Meeting Sabu424's demands lilbluejoonbunni
29/10/1999 Bots vs. handcrafted Usenet chaos The 2-Belo
29/10/1999 Usenet Global Administration Authority Fred Ziffel
31/10/1999 Global Ban Request Sabu424
31/10/1999 Invasion request form Blub
02/11/1999 Frogging joe1orbit Taylor Netscum
03/11/1999 Tyler Hellard
29/12/1999 Left-posting fuckheads various artists
02/12/1999 O tempora, O meow Blub
11/12/1999 Edward Lear and Martin Hannigan Doktor Pete
26/12/1999 Dealing with trolls Blub
28/12/1999 The Little Flamer Boy Ari Asikainen
15/01/2000 The Meow Post Explaining Service Heimdall & Blub
28/01/2000 Be quiet, urine type person! Squicky&Cramps
30/01/2000 The AFK-MN Charter Heimdall
02/02/2000 How many times can you type "Fuckhead" Blub
10/02/2000 How To Spot A Large Number Of Cohorts Sysero
13/02/2000 alt.idiot.sabu424 Alison Chambers
14/02/2000 Tsar Trek Sysero
17/02/2000 Highlander 5 - The Wrangling Phoenix
07/03/2000 A day in the life of Richard the Stupid Clark
12/04/2000 N'Sync and Butterfinger® bars Alice The Goon
06/05/2000 A first-hand encounter with lutefisk... IRS Agent
13/05/2000 Squicky & Cramps Go Bowling Squicky&Cramps
19/05/2000 PGP encryption. Uh-huh Russell B & Doktor Pete
28/05/2000 Maryanne Kehoe sues Napster Dean Humphries
28/05/2000 Diaper Boy / Baby Matthew meets Lewis Carroll Doktor Pete
02/06/2000 The Coterie of Mincing Ironists, Usenet Russell B
08/06/2000 Meowharishi's Really Big Headers Meowharishi
08/06/2000 Grammar, orthography and geography Cabal Agent #1
15/06/2000 The Facts of Loaf Fred Ziffel
15/06/2000 ASCII art crucifixion advertising various artists
09/07/2000 RFD: news.admin.censorship.moderated IRS Agent
21/07/2000 Towards a transformative hermeneutics of H4><0r1n6!!!!!!!!11 IRS Agent
16/08/2000 Divine Debit payment scheme Doktor Pete
17/08/2000 Snuhducation Jason Gortician
18/08/2000 [generic Usenet post] ?
26/08/2000 Straight Outta Harvard IRS Agent
27/08/2000 The alt.hackers.malicious .sig defacement gallery: 1 2 3 Spooge
28/08/2000 A.WORK.OF.FSCKING.ME0W.ART.TXT.VBS Barry Bouwsma
04/09/2000 Standardized Lart Form v6.4.1.5 Phoenix
09/09/2000 The automatic bocce generator Queenie and Jim Carleton
24/09/2000 Dismay at lack of abusive email Ari Asikainen
29/09/2000 MEOWNET PERFORMANCE SEX Doktor Pete
05/10/2000 The Taming Of The Shrill: A Kettlerian Tragedy H. Chase
07/10/2000 Morons: the alt.flamenet musical Ari Asikainen
08/10/2000 dabull jepriddy Beekeeper
13/10/2000 Snuh Licence Plate Scrabble Russell B
23/10/2000 Menjy's bastard sons Menjy
27/10/2000 The Flagship1 Paranormal Eatery H. Chase
28/10/2000 Edmond Wollmann vs. Dore Williamson Phoenix
04/11/2000 SNIP mimus
03/12/2000 Tsu Hzi Rev. Tiernan
07/12/2000 By the way Menjy
07/12/2000 The Emmett Gulley Bowling/CB Radio Challenge
Is this the most stupid Usenet post ever made?
Emmett Gulley
09/12/2000 I am not a monster Timothy Sutter
10/12/2000 Proposal for new Top-Level Domains Nascent
11/01/2001 What is a pornograph? Ari Asikainen
18/01/2001 Instant Pretentious "Joke" Generator Russell B
22/03/2001 Ode To The Death Of Mir Flaagg
18/04/2001 The return of Omny3 Omny3
26/04/2001 Impossible Mission Ari Asikainen
30/04/2001 The Fucking Pigs: "The Greatest Shits" Doktor Pete
02/05/2001 My Friend, Mr. Media fizzgigg