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A bit of Dok Roll-up The sacred space next to his left ear
That's Dok, that is

"I think you're an upstanding and thoroughly respectable member of the community. A genuine nice guy. I also think that global warming is a good thing and chipmunks are tools of Satan, but that's irrelevant." Morph
"You're a bad influence." Cat
"I think you are the kind of guy that I should have as a friend, but could hate as the teacher of my sons." Rudolf
"Just how hairy ARE you?"
I leave a very nice carpet in the bottom of every bath-tub I use. Dok.
Graham Friday
"He's him." Chris Kovin
"First I´ll follow Morph! But I do not believe in the irrelevance. And in addition I want you to say: you seem to include and integrate most of the importants I really love." Schneewittchen
"Your a strange creep... hmmm, i think your knda' cool!" Zeke Fogal
"His daily "FREE ICE-CREAM FOR ALL" is most kind." Taylor
"I've been trying to figure out Usenet for a hundred years; and I wanna be a Doktor. Does ignorance count for anything? I'm willing to consider self mutilation. Yours truly."
$35 to PO BOX 140306 - Dallas, TX 75214. Please remember to include severed body parts inside sealable plastic bags. Dok.
"he is tolerably witty, and doesn't overpost execrable drivel like some of the UPAs... his web site is also fun to read!! cheersss" Vampi Fangs
"he's got his s--- together. I think youre Mr. Cool because you dont give a rats ass about what people think; except of course when you do. You're a clear thinker because you have your head up in the clouds while most people have their head up there ass." papabooey
"I like da music, it talks to me, on a spirtual level. Or is that the scotch?" STFGP - The Fucking Pigs
"He sniffed the reeking buns of Angel" Sir Richard Pump-A-Loaf
"Your music sucks and you sure are one ugly bastard."
Listen to "Bought And Sold", Martin Hannigan's contribution to the TINC Project. Dok.
Martin Hannigan
"...He's Doktor Pete. 'nuff said!" Cipher
"doktor pete is neat and sweet" emily post-punk
"He knows how to hide those little stringy things that keep coming out of the carpet. How the heck does he do that!? I know pure talent when I see it." E_B_A
"the sweet aroma just gets to me. and he shares." mycroft xavier tanstaafl
"it serves him right." Kay Dekker
"You are an ugly cock-sucking, cum-giz-guzzling, sperm gurgling, deusch-licking, tittie-milk-spilling, faggot-shrimping GREAT GUY!" Gary Burnore
"as stalkees go, he's one of the most considerate and accomodating, and would highly recommend him to stalker epicurists everywhere." Yak
"He's accommodating. He speaks softly, but if you ask him to repeat himself he'll do it. Some guys, you ask them to repeat themselves and they get nasty on you--"Perhaps you ought to have listened carefully the first time, you jibbering cunt"--but not Dok Pete. Ask him to repeat himself and it's "no problem, mate, what did you want me to say again?" Doesn't even bat an eye. You just don't see enough of that in UseNet trolls these days." Russell B
"Martin Hannigan says that Gary Burnore wants sex with him in the body of that very hairy man and wants me to watch!" Cipher
"He knows how to do a proper French table setting. There's that, and his extensive knowledge of wines. Culinary expertise such as this is rarely displayed on Usenet as a whole. It's a breath of fresh air to have a dignified, erudite, well-mannered and distinguished persona as the Dok present on Usenet. It's invigorating for everybody involved.
"Oh…when he has sex he makes monkey noises and drools a lot. Pretty nifty huh?"
"Dok has a PhD in BmF." blub
"Anybody who can make bacon sandwiches against such ludicrous odds deserves some kind of credit. And a pair of rubber gloves, various cleaning products and possibly a flamethrower. And those are just the sex toys..." Psyche
"Doktor Pete kicks holes in my head. I've got the eardrum busted!" Izzy
"One of the most inspiring lazy people it has ever been my pleasure to fetch a cup of tea for. An inspiration to dole scroungers everywhere." Purplerabbits
"What does this line mean 'you have this doubtful consolation, that 'tis not in mortals to countermand success.'" Zubek
"Oi! Mr Cheese-Lover! Did you get married & not invite ME? I'm coming over in a tutu with a bent wand to.. um... to steal your Sun Ra collection!" Lucy Bond
"damn. usenet just sucks without him." mycroft tanstaafl
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Doktor Pete is my favourite because:


Cartoon of me by Adrian Barber
I would gladly kill my own family to look this thin again