Welcome to the home page of the Cheshunt Computer Club!

Perhaps the longest-running Atari owners' club in the UK (we've been in existence since the mid-1980s, if not before!), we're here to complete your enjoyment of all things Atari.Of course, times change and most members have moved on to PCs and the Mac, so ownership of one of these computers needn't stop you from joining our merry band!
Click on the CCC link above to find out more about the club, and watch the NEWS page for any updates to meeting dates and additions to this site. Meanwhile, please enjoy your visit!

Germany has long since been home to many fine programmers, which has left many English-only users out in the cold. For some time Peter West, (a stalwart of the TransAction team) and myself have been busy translating some of these programs into English. Find these, and a few hard-to-find utilities, in the MISC section.

The Cheshunt Computer Club site also plays host to DDP Translations. DDP Translations is a small group which has taken translation to new heights. Now, many more applications and utilities can be enjoyed with full English resource (and, where appropriate,) bubblegem online help files. Just click on the DDP Translations link!

The Cheshunt Computer Club and DDP Translations have new URLs courtesy of Atari.org. Please make a note of http://ccc.atari.org and http://ddp.atari.org.

Contacting the Cheshunt Computer Club couldn't be easier either. Just send me an email, but don't forget to make some obvious edits first!