I am first and foremost a cyclist, mathematician, husband and father (meet the family) but have several other interests that keep me occupied. In my years I've learnt a lot on a varity of subjects such as computing, taxation, writing, endurances sports and the human immune system (no thanks to a rather annoying muscular problem that I have suffered with since childhood).

In the 1980s I spent about 10 years as a programmer at IBM, Hursley, Winchester. But it was a mind-numbing, dead-end job and my mathematical brains cells badly needed reactivating, so I quit and took a quick PhD in Number Theory with The University of Southampton, where I ended up lecturing for about 10 years. I'm not doing a lot of mathematical research these days but here are my publications and interests. However, I still do a little teaching. So, if you're in need of help, you might like to check out my tuition page.

As for the cycling, I try to get out on my bike about 5 days a week (you can find me on Strava). This is not only a pleasure but, also, absolutely essential to help manage my chronic muscular condition (read some of my cycling exploits). In my teenage years I began my sporting career as a runner (read some of my running exploits) but as arthritic problems took hold in my early 20s I was soon forced to switch my main focus to the bike.

I enjoy writing and once wrote a novel but could not get it published. Such is life.

Regarding the taxation side of things, I have some professional qualifications (ATT) the exams of which I took in the 1990s. My financial knowledge has come in really useful and it is constantly augmented thanks to my dealings on the stockmarket. I can't resist a good trade and seem to be quite successful at it.

On the computing side of things, I'm keeping myself up to date with Python, php, MySQL, CSS, Javascript plus one or two other bits and bobs.

Another main interest of mine is modern languages. I'm fluent in French, Italian and Spanish, thanks to the good friends I've made over the years through skpye, most of whom I have visited or who have visited me. Here you can find my translations of some of the lyrics of some of my favourite songs.

And finally, I was an extremely high myope so in September 2008 I had Refractive Lens Exchange surgery. You might like to read the account of how it went.