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Passage to Oblivion


Set in the far future, Passage to Oblivion is one man's struggle to save his dying world — Terra.

Terra is a massive spaceship which is drifting out of control towards the inter-galactic void. Launched from Earth many thousands of years before our story begins, most of Terra's citizens do not know that they live on a spaceship. That knowledge was lost generations ago.

The central character, Ajax Weston, is supported by a small band of rebels who encounter fierce opposition from Terra's military police force. Amongst Ajax's confederates are former prostitute Lucy Varnov and strongman Russ Bryant. The rebels must also overcome Angel, the most lethal killer ever borne by humankind.

Their situation is further complicated when Lena Vron, a woman known to Ajax from his childhood days, seizes control of the Guard (the military police).

The rebel's struggle against the odds is one of great risk, deceit and treachery in which Ajax must ultimately gamble the lives of all the people.

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Derek Jennings.