Norton Rotary Motorcycles - Photographs

Homepage presented by Derek Nicol.

A Selection from my photo collection.

My modified 1984 Interpol II.

Norton Interpol II, x360 built 1982-1987.

Brian Crightons 1987 RC588.

Norton Classic, x105 built 1987.

The 1989 British F1 Series Winning RCW588.

The 1989 British F1 Champion, Steve Spray.

Norton F1/F1 Sport, x210 built 1990-92.

Steve Sprays the Champers to celebrate another win.

Light green Commander, x300 built 1987-92.

135 bhp Norton Streetfighter, x1 built.

2002, Spray & Nation with Hislops 1992 TT winner.

All Photos taken by me, please feel free to copy and use these photographs if required.

For more info on the Racing Rotaries, check out, highly recommended.