In the College near Cauldwell Street are G-AVCC Cessna 172 and XM473 JP T3A which is marked G-TINY.

Bedford - Thurleigh

The old airfield is now a racing circuit and is only used by the track owners AS355N G-JPAL.


Stored at Cardington Laboratory is ZH762 Skyship 600.



Tower: 134.925, 341.8

Approach 122.85, 372.1

Runway ?

Damien Burke's Unofficial Cranfield Site

Resident Airframes

Located 7 miles Southwest of Bedford, and reached from junction 13/14 of the M1. The nearest train station is Milton Keynes, outside is a ABC's route 17 runs to Cranfield University, for the airfield. These buses run Mon-Sat at 0851, 1025, 1225, 1420, 1600, 1750. There is no bus service on Sundays so it may mean a taxi.

Most movements can be seen from the road on the south side, but do not park at the crash gate, there is a road leading to a house which can be used for parking.

Resident Airframes


Tower: ?

Runway ?

Located 1 mile South of Dunstable, on the B489 Dunstable-Tring road.
Permission for a look around should be asked in the Control Office.

Eaton Bray

Located just to the West of Dunstable. Stored here are gliders BGA400/ACH, BGA493/ALZ, BGA856/BCF, BGA2238/DNB and also two Evans G-BEKM and G-BFFB.


Located off the B658, Southwest of Sandy.

Resident Airframes


Tower: ?

Runway ?

Located 4 miles South of Biggleswade, on the A6001.

Has WT612 Hunter F1 as Gate Guardian. Ask at the gatehouse about 200yds to the left of the Hunter for permission to view/photo it. Also stored here in the VGS hangar is G-DUSK Vampire which carries XE856. G-APAP/R5136 is also in the area.

Lower Stondon

At the Transport Museum and garden centre is G-ADRG HM.14 Fleal, G-AXOM Penn-Smith Gyro, XN341 Skeeter AOP12.

Luton International Airport or (Biz City)


Tower: 132.55

Approach: 127.3 Radar: 129.55

Ground: 121.75

Easyjet Ops: 136.9

Runway 08/26

Unofficial Luton Site

For Luton queries contact Chris Mellon

Signposted well from the M1 junction 10. Nearest BR station is Luton.

Bulding work is now complete for the new terminal and this means not much room left for the spotting community. Luton is the main biz-jet drome for the country and usually holds 20-30 biz at any one time. There are also scheduled and Charter flights by numerous airlines.

Currently stored on the fire dump is G-AOVS Britannia 312..

Meppershall/Standalone Farm

A word with Andrew Brinkley usually secures a look around.

Residents include G-AHST Auster, G-AMZT Auster, G-ARGG DHC-1, G-AWYL DR253, G-BALI DR400, G-BCYJ DHC-1, G-BGIU Ce172, G-BHDZ Ce172, G-BIZI DR400, G-BNNA Starduster Too, G-BRKD P.149D, G-BTBW Ce120, G-BYBP Ce185, G-DAIR Luscombe 8A, G-OCJW Ce182, G-OPUP B121 Pup and G-OTRG Ce182, G-WILD Pitts (rebuild), N55BN Be55, N76402 Ce 140. The fuselage of G-BPWW FWP149D sits outside the workshop end of the building.

Old Warden/Biggleswade

Tower: 123.05, 130.7

Located 5 miles East of Biggleswade off the B658.

The Shuttleworth Collection

Stored on the airfield are G-BECE AD500 Airship and G-BIHN Skyship 500.


At the Pitstone Farm Museum is an unidentified Lancastar.

Riseley/Sackvill Lodge

Prior Permission needs to be sought from Tim Wilkinson for a look-see at this Gliding Strip off the A6.

Residents include G-ASLV PA28, G-AYEG Falconar F-9, G-BAFT PA18, GBTBI/85 WAR P47, G-BXFK CFM,
G-BVIN Rans S6,  G-BYCC Jabiru,  G-OAJB AX2000, G-MYOP Kolb, G-TTDD Zenair CH.701.

Sandy/Long Acres Farm

This is a microlight strip with about 30 residents, and hangar access is usually granted by asking CFI Snowy Barton.

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