I have fished two venues in Folkestone, the harbour pier and the Warren. The pier is easy fishing, with a tidal run much less than the piers in Dover. A ticket must be bought for fishing, these are available from a patrolling steward. When the tide is running at it's fiercest 6oz grip leads may be needed but 5oz is usually adequate. The elbow of the pier is a hotspot for flat fish.The tactics I have used here are basically the same as I have used in Dover, flowing Wishbones with hooks appropriate for the target fish species, baited with lugworm and rag worm. I caught a nice Dab here of about 1lb, as well as Codling, Pollack and Pouting.

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The Warren runs towards Dover from Folkestone. It consists of areas of large flat sea defences down on to sand and rock. The beach is exposed at low tide. Up towards high tide in the summer it is possible to fish for Bass and Mackeral using spinners and plugs. So far I have caught nothing this way here, but Phil Whiting has caught the odd fish. It is a noted spot for ledgering for Bass and Codling, but I haven't tried it yet. There is a camp site next to the beach and one weekend I shall take my son there for a spot of fishing this year.

It is possible to fish the Rotunda beach in Folkestone, see Phil Whiting's pages for some more details, as well as details of my trips to Folkestone.

There are tackle shops in Folkestone, however I have not tried them, as I have used either the shops in Dover or Hythe, where I use Den's 01303 267053. Harbour Tackle (01303 220763) is located near to the Pier.

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