Dave Shepherd and Becky Price



Dave and Becky are masters of their respective instruments with styles honed by years of playing for dancing. Their music is a combination of complimentary talents - Dave's distinctive fiddle playing and soulful interpretations of the old melodies; Becky's powerful but subtle accompaniments underpinning the whole. Together they perform a repertoire based around traditional English music, particularly from the 18th and 19th centuries, but also reaching out to the great dance traditions of Europe (central France, Brittany and Sweden) and recent compositions for additional material. Their performances are a vibrant mixture of jigs, hornpipes and other dance tunes with gentler, more reflective airs, true to the tradition, but presented for ears of the 21st century. Dave and Becky are equally able to offer concert presentations, play for dancing or share their music with others in various workshops.

Dave has been playing fiddle since the age of 12 and is well-known as a member of Blowzabella. His characteristic style of playing developed as a fusion of elements from the various traditions within Blowzabella's repertoire, combined with the use of the fiddle for accompaniment, producing the hallmark rhythmical chord sequences for which he is so admired.

Becky grew up with folk music, but initially pursued an interest in classical piano music. She never lost touch with her folk roots and has played accordion in Finality Jack for a number of years. She is a widely respected musician and plays English and central French dance music in a unique style influenced by European diatonic accordion music.



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