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The word philosophy derives from the Greek for 'the love of wisdom'. Philosophy is a quest to understand the truth about ourselves and the world in which we live. It involves creative and critical thinking about the most fundamental questions of human experience. What is the nature of reality? What is knowledge? Why do we value what we value? How should we treat one another?

All of which leads us to another fundamental question: why on earth am I telling you this? At least the answer to that one is simple enough: at Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland, Canada there's a philosopher by the name of David L. Thompson.

David Thompson's education had a distinctly international flavour: he went to school in Ireland and has studied philosophy in Belgium and the USA. And, perhaps unusually for a philosopher, he also has a BA in Computer Science. He spends his time writing, talking and thinking about such philosophical matters as philosophy of mind, phenomenology, post-modernism, philosophy of human sciences and the study of mass media and the Internet.

What is meaning? How is consciousness related to the neural system? Do the media manipulate us or liberate us? Can there be a science of free humans? Why is my brain starting to ache?

Philosophy Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland
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Philosophical Powers
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