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for the parishes of

My family name originates in the area around Totnes and
South Hams. Each of the parishes is in some way connected to my family tree.

An 'Online Parish Clerk' (OPC) is a volunteer with an interest in the genealogy and history of his
nominated Parish(es), and will collect copies of original records, or indexes or transcripts relating
to that parish. He will undertake to make such
information available to enquirers for their own personal use - and not for any commercial use.
For full details of the OPC project see the GENUKI Devon site.
You probably reached this site via GENUKI, if not I recommend you visit the pages for further
information on any of these parishes.
I hold parish records details for these parishes and would be prepared to do any reasonable
request for looking up a record. Contact me on tolcher.david@ntlworld.com
I also have at present the census information for these parishes in 1851 and 1881 together with a
name list for the 1901 census. I intend to add to this other census information as it becomes
available. Again this information is at present available on a look up basis, but I eventually intend
to put lists on line.

Comments and additions are invited.

The term OPC as used here, refers to a repositor of genealogically related materials
such as (but not limited to) Church register transcripts, land tax assessments and
census information, and the OPC should in no way be confused with the Parish
Council appointed Parish Clerks. All OPCs are unpaid volunteers who are willing to
assist others in their genealogical research.
(Errors and omissions exempted)

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