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Cake Flavours, Ingredients & Allergen Information

I offer the following cake flavours:

  • Rich chocolate sponge
  • Smooth vanilla sponge
  • Zesty lemon sponge
  • Coffee and walnut sponge
  • Rich fruit infused with brandy
  • Light fruit infused with brandy
  • Moist carrot sponge
  • Moist ginger sponge

For any other flavours, discuss your needs with me.

In accordance with the Food Information Regulation, I have identified the following allergens in the ingredients I use:

nut, egg, milk, gluten and sulphites

See below for the detail.

However, some dietary-needs cakes can be catered for, eg gluten-free, dairy-free.

I ensure that each product is prepared, packaged, stored and received in full compliance with the strictest health & safety regulations.

However I cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Please speak to me for advice if you are considering fillings in a sponge cake.
They may not automatically be provided.


Sugar sunflower cake from Sue Polhill Cakes of Cambridgeshire

Ingredients & Allergens information

In accordance with the new EU Food Labelling Regulations, I must provide a list of ingredients for each cake flavour that I offer and consider the presence of the following allergens in my products: Milk, gluten, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, eggs, celery, mustard, soya, sulphites, lupin, sesame, peanuts and nuts.
If any allergen is present it will be found in bold following the ingredient entry below.

As information from suppliers becomes available I will update. If you are uncertain about any item on here, please ask.




Butter (milk), icing sugar, lemon curd (milk, egg), flour (gluten), sugar, vegetable fat, lemon juice, eggs (egg), flavouring




Butter (milk), icing sugar, flour (gluten), sugar, vegetable fat, eggs (egg), milk (milk), cocoa




Butter (milk), icing sugar, flour (gluten), sugar, vegetable fat, eggs (egg), flavouring, jam (if ordered)


Coffee & walnut


Butter (milk), icing sugar, flour (gluten), sugar, vegetable fat, eggs (egg), coffee powder, walnuts (nut)




Butter (milk), icing sugar, flour (gluten), light brown sugar, sunflower oil, eggs (egg), carrots, bananas, walnuts (nut), baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt




Butter (milk), icing sugar, flour (gluten), light brown sugar, vegetable fat, eggs (egg), baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt, golden syrup, black treacle, ground ginger, stem ginger, cinnamon


Rich fruit


Butter (milk), flour (gluten), brown sugar, vegetable fat, eggs (egg), cinnamon, cherries, brandy (sulphites, gluten), mixed fruit (sulphite), peel, jam, flaked almonds (nuts), nutmeg (nuts)

Marzipan - almonds (nut), glycerine, icing sugar


Sugar decoration on all cakes


Sugarpaste, icing sugar, glucose, white fat, tylo powder, gum tragacanth, gelatine, egg white, corn flower, vodka




Note: Alternatives are available, but note that cakes are made in an environment where these allergens exist, so no guarantee of allergen trace-free cakes can be given.



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