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Research Areas, Relevant Publications and Projects

Reconfigurable dialogue systems and robust interpretation 25,30,29,20 EU: Trindi (1998-2000)
EU: Siridus (1999-2002)
EU: D'Homme(2000-2001)
Text processing: information extraction 24,21
Semantics of definite descriptions and discourse anaphora 15 EU: FraCaS (1994-1996)
Test suites for evaluation 17,19 EU: DiET (1997-1999)
Incremental parsing/interpretation 5,8,7,4,9,10 EPSRC: QUADS (1993-1995)
Non-constituent coordination 6,3
Dynamic models of grammar and processing 7,4,2
Parsing of dependency grammar 7,4


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Milward, D. (1994)
Dynamic Dependency Grammar
Linguistics and Philosophy 17, 561-605 
ps.gz (pre-final version)

Conference Proceedings

Knight, S., Gorrell, G., Rayner, M., Milward, D., Koeling, R., Lewin, I.(2001) 
Comparing grammar-based and robust approaches to speech understanding: a case study

Proceedings of Eurospeech 2001, 7th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology
3-7 September 2001, Aalborg, Denmark
pdf.zip ps.gz

Milward, D. and Knight, S. (2001)
Improving on Phrase Spotting for Spoken Dialogue Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on Innovation in Speech Processing, WISP 2001, 
Institute of Acoustics, 2-3 April 2001, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
pdf.zip ps.gz

Milward, D. (2000)
Distributing Representation for Robust Interpretation of Dialogue Utterances
Proceedings of the 38th Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics, ACL-2000
1-8 October 2000, Hong Kong. Pages 133-141
pdf.zip ps.gz

Milward, D. and Thomas, J. (2000)
From Information Retrieval to Information Extraction
Proceedings of the ACL-2000 Workshop on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval, 8 October 2000, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, Klavans, J and Gonzalo, J. (eds). Pages 85-97.
pdf.zip ps.gz

Thomas, J., Milward, D., Ouzounis, C., Pulman, S.G. and Carroll, M. (2000)
Automatic Extraction of Protein Interactions from Scientific Abstracts
Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2000, 4-9 January 2000, Honololu, Hawaii. Altman, R.B. et al. (eds). World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore. Pages 541-552

Milward, D. (1999)
Towards a Robust Semantics for Dialogue using Flat Structures
Proceedings of Amstelogue '99 , Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Amsterdam University, 7-9 May 1999, Part II

Lewin, I, Bouillon, P., Lehmann, S. Milward, D. and Tanguy, L. (1999)
Discourse Data in DiET
Proceedings of LINC99 , EACL Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora, Bergen, June 1999

Netter,K. et al. (1998)
DiET - Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural Language Processing Applications
Proceedings of First International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) Granada, Spain

Konrad,K., Maier,H, Milward,D., and Pinkal,M. (1996)*
An Education and Research Tool for Computational Semantics
Proceedings of Coling 96 , Copenhagen, 1098-1101

Milward, D. (1995)
Integrating Situations into a Theory of Discourse Anaphora
Proceedings of the Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium , 519-538

Milward, D. (1995)*
Incremental Interpretation of Categorial Grammar
Proceedings of the 7th European ACL , Dublin, 119-126

Milward, D. (1994)*
Non-Constituent Coordination: Theory and Practice
Proceedings of COLING 94 , Kyoto, Japan, 935-941

Milward, D. and Cooper, R. (1994)*
Incremental Interpretation: Applications, Theory and Relationship to Dynamic Semantics
Proceedings of COLING 94 , Kyoto, Japan, 748-754

Milward, D. (1992)
Dynamics, Dependency Grammar and Incremental Interpretation
Proceedings of COLING 92 , Nantes, France, vol.4. 1095-1099

Milward, D. (1990)
Coordination in an Axiomatic Grammar


Milward, D. (1991)
Axiomatic Grammar, Non-Constituent Coordination and Incremental Interpretation
PhD. Thesis, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Compacted format:
218 pages; original 243

Technical Reports

[34] Milward, D. et al. (2001)
    A D'Homme Demonstrator in English, Swedish & Spanish. D'Homme Deliverable D2.2
[33] Queseda J.F. et al. (2001)
    Configuring Linguistic Components for Plug and Play. D'Homme Deliverable D3.1
[32] Amores J.G et al. (2001)
    Knowledge and Action Management in the Home Device Environment. D'Homme Deliverable D4.1
[31] Boye, J. et al. (2001)
    Evaluating D'Homme. D'Homme Deliverable D6.1
[28] Rupp, C.J. and Milward, D (2000)
    Robust Linguistic Processing Architecture (baseline). Siridus Deliverable D4.1
[27] Berman, A., et al. (2000)
    Implemented SIRIDUS System Architecture (baseline). Siridus Deliverable D6.2
[26] Lewin, I., Rupp, C.J, Hieronymus, J., Milward, D., Larsson, S., Berman, A. (2000)
    SIRIDUS System Architecture and Interface Report. Siridus Deliverable D6.1
[23] Zaenen, A., Ericssen, S., Larsson, S., Mikheev, A., Milward, D., Pinkal, M., Poesio, M., Rupp, C.J., and Worm, K. (2000)
    Robust Interpretation and Dialogue Dynamics, Trindi Deliverable D5.2
[22] Traum, D., Bohlin, P., Bos, J., Ericsson, S., Larsson, S., Lewin, I., Matheson, C., and Milward, D. (2000)
    Dialogue Dynamics and Levels of Interaction, Trindi Deliverable D3.1
[18] Bohlin, P., Bos, J., Larsson, S., Lewin, I., Matheson, C., and Milward, D. (1999)
    Survey of Existing Interactive Systems. Trindi Deliverable D1.3
[14] Maier, H, Milward, D. and Pinkal, M. (1996)
    The CLEARS Tool. In [11].
[13] Cooper et al. (1996)
    Using the Framework. FraCaS Deliverable D16.
[12] Cooper et al. (1996)
    Building the Framework. FraCaS Deliverable D15.
[11] Cooper et al. (1996)
    A Strategy for Building a Framework for Computational Semantics, FraCaS Deliverable D14.
[10] Chater, N., Pickering,M., and Milward, D. (1995)
    What is Incremental Interpretation?. Appears in [8]. 20 pages.
[9] Milward, D and Sturt, P. (eds.) (1995)
    Edinburgh Working Papers in Cognitive Science, Vol 11: Incremental Interpretation . 140 pages.

Miscellaneous Talks

A Distributed Semantics for Dynamic Grammars
Overview of work on Dynamic Grammars, and relationship to Distributed Semantics
Leverhulme Workshop on the Dynamics of Language, Kings College London, 2001.

Brief CV

BA, Computer Science, University of Cambridge
Research Assistant (RA 1B) in Program Verification, Department of Electronics, University of Southampton
PhD, Computer Science, University of Cambridge
SERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Logic for IT) Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh
Research Assistant (RA 1A) in Computational Linguistics, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh. QUADS Project.
Lecturer in Computational Linguistics, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh
Wissenschaftler Mitarbeiter, Computerlinguistik, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken, Germany. FraCaS Project.
1996 - 2000
          Computer Scientist, SRI International. Member of EPSRC Peer Review College (Computing)
2000 - 2001
Senior Computer Scientist, SRI International. Coordinator of the EU Projects, Siridus and D'Homme
2001 -
Director, Linguamatics Ltd.

Contact Information

e-mail: david.milward@linguamatics.com

Jan 2002