Welcome to Dave's Roleplaying Sites.

This is the crappy (not so) temporary front page until I get some graphics sorted. So take advantage of its low bandwidth while it lasts *grin*.

All my sites are designed to be viewed in 800x600 and I've designed them on Netscape 4.0 using notepad as an editor (I really must get a decent editor some day). But I have tested them on Internet Explorer.

CyberGeneration An additional Yogang has been added, the 'Abbys' their a bit like the Malkavians in Vampire the Masquerade.

You will also find here my Silent Möbius website, an adaptation of the Manga to an RPG using TSR Alternity system. Even more freebies I've used the same images to create some wallpaper for your desktop.

Department H is a supernatural-techno-thriller setting I've been working on for use with various RPGs.

Also check out my Brain Drool site for other RPG stuff for Alternity & AD&D, and more of my creative outpourings.

D20 Modern GM's Screen (landscape)
D20 Modern GM's Screen (portrait)
PDF files, right click to download.