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ABV 50%
Produced Germany 
Brand Name(s) n/a

Rumplemintz is a very potent peppermint schnapps from Germany. It is also available in the USA and until recently, Northern Ireland. This drink was very popular in Belfast and was available in almost all bars. Sadly, it seems to vanished from the scene recently.

This is a clear, thick and almost syrup-like drink which leaves behind a sticky deposit on the inside of the glass its in. I have seen many a measure stuck to the metal drip tray behind a bar - a sure sign that it  has been used for dishing out the Rumplemintz.

Review of Rumplemintz
This is a great drink and was one of the first really strong ones I ever tasted back in my student days. Beware of the alcoholic strength - at 50% abv this drink will easily lay you out if you don't treat it with respect. If you have ever tried Rumplemintz sober without the taste-bud numbing effect of previously consumed drinks you will appreciate the strength  lurking around behind the strong peppermint flavour. Despite the strength this is an extremely pleasant drink to either shoot straight or sip with ice.

It must be said though that if you don't like strong peppermint flavour then this drink will not be enjoyable. This is not a subtle  blend of different flavours  - all you get when you drink this is a minty assault on your nose and mouth and then that great warm feeling as it goes down. Just the smell of this stuff brings back so many memories of great nights out....

A superb winter drink.

Novelty               a great drink for injecting a spark into the evening
Taste         if you like mint you'll love it - otherwise you'll loathe it
Kick   at 50% abv; a few shots of this will give you a nice buzz - but be careful

Last updated 12th March, 2005

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