This spell is to make some one stop loving you or someone else. I must warn you not to do this spell out of spite or to make someone unhappy. This is simply to stop someone loving someone else who can't return their feelings, which could end up causing them great pain.

Firstly you need to draw a red heart, roughly 3 by 3 inches and colour it in with a red crayon or pen. On the left side write the name of the person who is loving and on the right side the person who is loved. At the bottom in the middle write "loves" in bigger letters. Tear the heart down the middle and burn the right heart in a pale blue candle saying

(name) is/I am no longer receiving
An unwanted love
May someone else love (name)/me
Who they/I may also love
So mote it be

Then take the left side of the heart and burn in the same candle while saying

May you (name) find someone
Who will love you too
May you be happy and at peace
With your new found love
So mote it be

When both sides of the heart have completely burnt put the ashes into a piece of rolled up paper and seal with candle wax. Put this in the freezer and your spell is now complete.