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Welcome to the home page for Dave Jackson's Opel Manta Competition Car Project. Take a look at What's New in my web, last updated on 27 November 2013 Yes, I have finally started updating these pages again.

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My Opel Manta

Here is a quick history of my Opel Manta Competition Car.  It all started in March 1992, when I purchased the car as a non-runner shell with no axle and quite badly rotted.  Move your mouse pointer over each picture for a short description, then click on it to see a bigger picture.

May 1992 - Almost finished stripping the shell June 1995 - Shell ready for the engine July 1996 - Harewood Hill Climb, near Leeds August 1998 - Gurston Down Hill Climb, near Salisbury June 1999 - 2.0L CIH competition engine over-revved on M42 going to Shrewsbury
December 2000 - 2.4L CIH Engine up and running April 2003 - Cam Effects Roller Rockers & Stud Girdle arrive November 2003 - 2512cc CIH Engine build finally complete March 2004 - Car at shop, engine installation started March 2004 - New air filter box
March 2004 - i240 Body Kit fitting completed Croft Circuit 3rd July 2005 Large Picture - Croft Track Day 3rd July 2005 Large Picture - Croft Track Day 3rd July 2005 Large Picture - Croft Track Day 3rd July 2005
Large Picture - Croft Track Day 3rd July 2005 Sunday 24th July 2005 Oops!! The result of a broken crankshaft The broken crankshaft Another view!

Thanks to Jason & Paul at www.megapixl.co.uk for the providing the pictures of my car at Croft Circuit on 3rd July 2005.  Check out their site, there are many more pictures of all the cars from this event, and other events.

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What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to my web. Whenever I add new information, update a page, or anything else to my web, I'll put a notice here.  The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.  On the updated page the changes will be marked by the and icons.

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