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Fuel System

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2512cc Opel 8V CIH Competition Engine

Fuel System & Inlet Manifold

Ray West Racing 2.2L inlet manifolds Jenvey Type TH 48mm throttle body Pico 330ccm injectors Test fitting throttle bodies (newly painted red) Another angle shows these Jenvey throttle bodies to be very short Road/competition fuel tank New air box, made in Kevlar Air box back plate, still needs drilling Air box back plate  & air horns, during installation air filter box and engine installed View of air filter box from above

Inlet manifolds often do more to reduce the effect of a good head tuners work than almost any other part of the engine.  As an example, one of the most common inlet manifolds used with the Opel 2.0L CIH head is the Mangoletsi 45 DCOE set, when tested this manifold caused a reduction in flow of over 10%.  These Ray West 2.2L CIH manifolds are longer than the Mangoletsi 2.0L CIH manifold, so the bend in the direction of flow is much less severe , between the throttle bodies and head.  When tested, these Ray West manifolds only caused a reduction in flow of 3%.    All inlet manifolds will cause a reduction in flow, but some are better than others.

A pair of Jenvey Type TH 48mm throttle bodies (newly painted red, because it looks better!) will be used with this manifold.  We will be using 330ccm Pico Fuel Injectors (called pico because they are only 47mm long, with a stainless steel body).  40mm deep alloy air horns will be fitted to the throttle bodies.

Air is supplied to the system through a Kevlar air box, supplied by Rallytech Composite Engineering (Part No. RT0164), the same guy who manufactured the 400 road body kit for the car.  A K&N filter is located just behind the light pods.  The filter will have a home made fibreglass air filter box to keep out the hot air from the engine bay.  Air will then be piped to the new air box via 102mm diameter flexible brake duct hose.  According to Trevor Lewis at Rallytech, who has previously fitted these air boxes to Mantas, the air temperature at the inlet manifold is reduced dramatically.  The air box fits neatly between the throttle bodies and the inner wing, leaving plenty of room to spare.

The Road/Competition fuel tank was specially made by Forge Motorsport, when full holds about 60 Litres, and has a drain/sample valve which when used will reduce the fuel content to about 15 Litres for competition purposes.

You can see more pictures and a description of the fuel tank, and fuel delivery system, on my main Ignition/Injection System pages.

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