Pocket pc Hack

This hack was inspired by a link on a cool site Hackaday.com the ngage hot-swappable hack
(the link is dead now bollocks).

1) take a pda any will do i think.

2) open up the pda to reveal the connections for the sd card (indicated by red arrows).
3) open up the wireless card and locate the connections (indicated by blue arrows).

4) solder a wire to each individual connection can be a pain in the ass and fiddly (i used hard core wire but as an afterthough i think soft core would work best in the long run it would save the wire from braking off the card when you want to take out the battery).

5) When all of the wires are soldered onto the connections, get out your drill (a dremel would probably be easier) and cut a hole in the back of the case big enough for the wires to come through.
6) put the case back on.

7) put some glue round the bottom of the wires just to stop them from touching and to secure them in place.
8) solder the card to the wires (make sure that you get the card the right way round or it wont work).

now fold the thing flat and cover it any way ya like i just used black electric tape.

you will need to use the rest of the cards plastic cover to stick in the slot or have another card in (whats the point of doin this hack if you are not goin to use another card?).

if anyone knows how to make it work without having another sd card in mail me.

mail : magicmage

i take no responsibility for any damage you cause to your equipment if you decide to try this. the wireless card works fine but i do not know if it will work the same with a memory card in (mine broke when i was using to do this hack at first).