Painter Help Portal
As with all software, things can go wrong both during initial installation and in use. Painter is no exception to this, but knowing where to quickly find a potential solution to your problem is a huge plus (especially when working commercially).

The idea behind this page is not to directly solve the issues for you, but to hopefully point you in the the right direction, or at least to where your help requests may be best posted.

If you don't find an answer to your problem after performing a specific search, you may have the option to post a help request in one of the following newsgroups, mailing lists or forums. You will generally get a faster and more accurate reply if you include the nature of the problem breifly in the topic header. Also state the version of Painter (including patches) and platform (Mac or PC) you are using. It is of great help if you are as specific as possible when describing the problem, and use the correct terminology specific to your Painter version. In other words, help people to help you.

Disclaimer: The above topic links are syndicated and updated automatically from, relating to the most recent topics in the Corel Painter (Painter IX sub forum).
Neither Brush Port nor David Gell are responsible for the content other than specific posts made by myself.

Visit Corel Painter IX Forum

Visit Corel Painter Forum

Search Corel Painter and Corel Painter IX Forums

A good bet for Painter IX installation issues and Painter technical problems in general.

Tips: The Corel Painter group has already been selected in the above Search Link. To encompass all Painter posts, ensure that the 'Also search in child forums' box is checked in the Search in Forum(s) pane.

I can't give you a link to my first recommendation, but have you searched the Help files or manual which shipped with your version of Painter?

Whilst these do not provide an answer to everything, a quick flick through via. the index or table of contents may just turn up the information you are looking for.

Search Corel Knowledge base

A very useful database addressing technical issues with Painter 6 upwards and Painter Essentials 3.

Tips: Select Painter from the Products and Services menu and your specific version/platform from the sub menu below it. Leaving the Search Text field blank and pressing the Search button will return all database answers specific to the Products and Services options previously selected.

Visit Painter Forum

Search Painter Forum

Lots of hints and tips from amateur and professional concept artists.

Tips: The Painter forum has already been selected in the above link.

Visit CGTalk Corel Painter Forum

Search CGTalk Corel Painter Forum

Many hints and tips from amateur and professional computer graphics artists.

Tips: The Corel Painter forum has already been selected in the above link.

Google Groups Archives - For Older Versions of Painter

corel.graphic_apps.painter (1827 topics)

Topics mainly cover Painter 6 through 8

corelsupport.painter (215 topics)

Topics mainly cover Painter 6

Tips: Use the 'Search this group' feature, upper right of the opening page.

Links to John Derry's Brush Tutorials

These terrific tutorials are Painter IX based, but some of the information is also applicable to earlier versions.

Anatomy of a Variant

Brush Library Organization

Brush Library Organization 2

Brush Library Organization 3

Quick Brush Access

Brush Creator: The Randomizer

Brush Creator: The Transposer

Hot-rodding Your Brushes

Creating a Captured Dab Brush

Adjusting Continuous Stroke Brushes

Simulating a Traditional Airbrush

Adding Impasto Depth to a Brush

Creating an Expressive Bristle Brush

Creating a Smeary Oil-style Brush

Creating a Drip Brush

Creating a Cloud Sponge