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Tutorial 7

Custom Search Channels for AcidSearch Safari Enhancement

- find answers to Painter questions in seconds.

Minimum requirements;

Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) or later
Safari 1.2 or later
AcidSearch 0.21 or later

AcidSearch from Pozytron is a free enhancement for Safari which allows unlimited 'Search Channels' to be added to the Google search window menu. AcidSearch can be dowloaded from here.

19/10/04 Updated to include new search channels for Corel Knowledgebase Painter IX (Mac and Win).

Click here to download all custom search channels.

Click here to update with the Painter IX channels only (applies if you have already installed the original custom search channels from this page, and just require the Painter IX channels).

I have created a set of custom search channels (highlighted in green in the first image below), which can be imported into AcidSearch as a '.plist' file. To download the custom plist and full tutorial, please click here.