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Tutorial 3

Using Painter's Picker (for Mac OSX) in Conjunction with Painter 8

*Click here* to visit Painter's Picker home page.

Please note that as this utility is continually under development, the screen shots below may not be specific to the currently available version. Please refer to developers website (link above) for the current version specifications.

Appropriately named 'Painter's Picker', this shareware color/color scheme utility for Mac OSX can be used in conjunction with Painter 8/8.1. Once installed, Painter's Picker can be accessed by double clicking either the primary or secondary color box in the Color palette or Toolbox and then selecting the Painter's Picker icon in Apple's Colors palette.

When a color has been selected from Painter's Picker, first click 'OK' in Apple's Colors palette (or press the return key), then click once in your Painter image to load the selected color. In the case of a color scheme generated in Painter's Picker, select the second/third colors from the scheme by again double clicking on the previously chosen primary/secondary color box in either Painter's Colors palette or the Tool Box.

Individual color swatches may also be dragged from the Painter's Picker color well and dropped onto Apple's Color Swatch section in the picker palette. Another bonus is that Painter's Picker Colors palette can be resized.

One feature which I would like to see is the ability to drag colors directly from Painter's Picker color well onto a new empty (or existing) color set in Painter's Color Sets palette. I have e-mail this request to Rick Champagne (Corel's Painter program manager).