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Tutorial 1

Editing a Painter 8 Custom Brush '.xml' File for use in Both Painter 7 and 8.

Note: this procedure is not suitable for Painter 8 variants incorporating the 'Digital Wet' method due to differences in the brush engine.

Due to differences in the xml files, a custom brush variant created in Painter 8 is not directly backward compatible with Painter 7. However, it is possible to modify a Painter 8 xml file in a suitable text editor, and save the modified file in Painter 7 format. This has the advantage that the brush variant file can then be used in both Painter 7 and 8 without further conversion (for users with both Painter versions installed). An added advantage is that the custom brushes will be accessible to more Painter users when shared over the internet.

To convert the Painter 8 brush xml file, first make a copy of the file and open the copy in a text editor. I recommend using Note Pad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac OSX, or any text editor which doesn't line wrap. After opening the xml file in the text editor, make the following alterations to the file (see example below);

Step 1. I found that this step is optional, but to keep things in order first change the Painter 8 definition/ version numbers from 8 to 7.0/7 as show below.

Step 2. On the next line immediately after the min-advance="*" line, insert the following line, using the tab key to re-align the text;


Step 3. Immediately after the line volume-animator="*", delete all lines beginning with 'direction' (see below) and close the deleted lines as shown in the bottom right box.

Finally save the edited file and test it in Painter 7.

Below Left; Painter 8 '.xml' Brush file (3 sections shown).

- Variant will only work in Painter 8.

Below Right; Painter 7 '.xml' Brush file (3 sections shown).

- Variant will work in both Painter 7 and 8.