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Guest Resources
Painter brushes etc. generously donated by other artists.
Sandman's Brushes
Brushes covering most versions of Painter, from Classic 1 to 8.
Sandman's Non-Brush Resources
Painter color sets (some of which are also available in Photoshop format), scripts etc.
Other Resources
Links Section
Links to other Painter resources on the web
- now updated to include a new technical search navbar.
Inspirational Googlisms
Stuck on inspiration for a concept or creative project?

...have no fear, Googlisms to the rescue.

Sandman's Tutorials
1. Converting Custom Brush 'xml' Files (P8>P7).

2. Saving Custom 'Plug-in' Method Brushes in Painter 7.

3. Using Painter's Picker (for Mac OSX) with Painter 8.

4. Pattern Pens for Text and Foliage (includes download links to custom brushes and patterns for Painter 6 through 8.1).
5. A Multiple Undo-Redo Custom Palette for Painter Classic 1 Through Painter 8.1.
(includes download links to custom scripts).
6. A Stroke Designer 'Presets' Custom Palette for Painter 6 Through 8.1.
(includes download links to custom scripts and a library of 'tip profiled' brushes)
7. Custom (Painter etc.) search channels for AcidSearch Safari enhancement
- requires Mac OSX 10.3 or later, Safari 1.2 or later and AcidSearch 0.21 or later.
- updated 19/10/04 to include Painter IX channels.
8. Auto Painter Scripts.
- control the speed of Auto Clone and Auto Playback.
9. Auto Playback Preset Scripts.
- control the number of brush strokes rendered by Auto Playback.
10. Converting Custom Brush xml Files 2 (Painter IX to P7/8)