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Sandman's Links to Other Painter Resources

Last Updated: 31/08/04 (DD/MM/YY)

Table of Contents

1. Resource Download Links
2. Utilities
3. Tutorials and Learning Resources
4. Other Useful Things
5. Painter Wish Lists
6. Other Sites of Interest

1. Resource Download Links

1.00. Corel's ftp site for update files/ pdf's etc. of current and older Painter versions
Corel Painter 7 update downloads (Mac and PC)
Corel Painter 8.1 update and user guide downloads (Mac and PC) - includes localisations in several languages.
1.01. Painter 7/8 custom water color brushes by Jinny Brown and friends
1.02. Chris Cimonetti's 'Fine Art 2' brushes for Painter 7/8
1.03. Les' grape, leaf, palette knife and soap bubble brushes for Painter 8
1.04. Jeremy Sutton's Painter downloads
Papers and color sets forming part of his Painter 8 Creativity book resources. (Note: the PC color sets will also work on the Mac).
1.05. Don Seegmiller's 'book' brushes
Brushes for Painter 7/8 which replace the broken ones on his book CD; Digital Character Design and Painting.
1.06. JUMA 'wet' brushes
Brushes for Painter 5.5 through 7.1. This page is in Japanese, but you can download an English named brush library for Painter 7.1 by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the link ''. Note that Painter 7 brush libraries will also work in Painter 8/8.1.
1.07. JUMA color sets
A collection of water color and general color sets for Painter 7 through 8.1.
1.08. Kaburaya's brushes and other resources for Corel Painter
1.09. Websoup's 'Photoshop' brush links
1.10. Alan Suel's Painter Resources
Papers, patterns and nozzles for Painter (resouces are in PC format).
1.11. Noel D. Hill's Painter 7 brush set.
Note that this brush library will also work in Painter 8. To download the brush set, first click on the 'MISC' link and then 'My Painter 7 brush set'. Check out Noel's excellent concept art portfolio too.
1.12. Feeb's Favorite Painter 6 brushes.
The original library is in PC format (which will import into Painter 7/8 PC versions via. the brushes library 'Import' option). I have converted these to Painter 6 Mac format (see link in 'sandman' post here), and also provided additional details regarding their import and use in later Painter versions.
1.13. David Nagel's Painter Brushes, Series 1.
These brushes are in Painter 8 format and can be downloaded from page 2 of the above link. Please refer to this tutorial if you wish to convert them for use with Painter 7.
1.14. Barb's Painter Nozzles.
A large collection of cross platform nozzles (Mac users please see note re. unzipping on the same page). Themes cover baubles, beads, candies, Easter eggs, fairy lights, snowflakes, stars, tinsels and Xmas extras.
1.15. In Depth Arts - Downloads.
Custom Painter brush libraries and nozzles for you to download and enjoy.
1.16. Fishy's Painter brush downloads.
Painter brush libraries for versions 6 through 7 created by Fishy and friends. Note that the Painter 6 library will import into the PC versions of Painter 7 through 8.1, and that the version 7 brush libraries will also load in Painter 8/8.1.
1.17. Gruhn's Painter Tools.
A collection of Painter nozzles, image portfolio libraries and a ColorTalk expression.

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2. Utilities

2.00. An application by Atelier dddo to delete *.nib, *.stk and c_* files from Painter 8 brush category folders
This freeware application is available for Mac OS, Mac OSX and Windows, and is ideal to use when sharing brushes over the internet (to reduce file size) and for 'cleaning up' brush category folders after deleting/ moving variants.
Click here - Japanese page......Click here - English Page

2.01. Painter PC to Mac Conversion Scripts
A collection of freeware (Mac only) Applescripts to allow cross platform resource sharing.
2.02. Painter's Picker for Mac OSX.
A shareware color scheme/ color picker utility which can be integrated with the Painter 8 application.
Click here to view a short tutorial on using this utility.

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3. Tutorials and Learning Resources

3.00. Jinny Brown's PixelAlley (Section Links Page)
A superb and comprehensive site covering tutorials, tips and all things Painter. Highly recommended as a first port of call.
3.01. Jinny Brown's TutorAlley (Members Forum and Painter Classes)
I have the honour of co-moderating this forum, which is possibly the best Painter forum on the web, dedicated to teaching and learning Painter (and having fun in the process).
3.02. Jeremy Sutton's 'Painter Creativity' Website
Another superb site, with articles, tutorials and courses for Corel Painter.
3.03. Tutorials for Painter Classic 1, 5.5 Web Edition, 7 and 8
3.04. TIEMdesign's Painter 6,7 and 8 Tutorials
3.05. Sample Anime CG tutorials from The Art of Jared and Lindsay
Not entirely related to Painter, but the tutorials from their CD are excellent.
3.06. Loomis Books Imagebase
View and read online books by Andrew Loomis; Successful Drawing, Creative Illustration and Drawing the head and hands.
3.07. John Hagan's Advanced Painting Lessons
3.08. Johannes Vloothuis' Landscape Composition Rules
3.09. Japanese Corel Painter Information Site (Japanese language only)

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4. Other Useful Things

4.00. Default Painter brush lists by Atelier dddo
If you've ever messed up your default brushes library or want a quick way of finding a brush variant, then dddo has the answer, with brush lists covering virtually every version of Painter/ Painter Classic. Note that some Painter 7 default brush variants changed respective categories in Painter 8.
Click here - Japanese page......Click here - English page
4.01. AltaVista search toolbar (includes a Babel Fish translation feature)
This utility requires MS I.E 5 or later
- MS Windows 95 or above
4.02. Google search toolbar
Requires MS I.E 5.0 or later
- MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
4.03. Custom channels for AcidSearch 2.01
Requires Mac OS 10.3 or later
Safari 1.2 or later
AcidSearch 2.01 Safari search enhancement
- Allows searching of various Painter newsgroup archives as well as Corel's Knowledgebase (Painter only) and more, directly from the Google search window in Safari.

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5. Painter Wish Lists


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6. Other Sites of Interest

6.00. The Impressionist
An online Java applet to paint pictures from photographs (doesn't work in Safari browsers).
6.01. Aquascape Art - Traditional 'Underwater' Painting/ Drawing
It's true, this guy really does paint underwater. Click here to learn how it's done.
6.02. Animal
A great reference site for 'jaw dropping' animal images.

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