Installing Custom Script Libraries in Corel Painter IX

For general use, a Painter script library may be located anywhere on your hard drive, and may be loaded for use in Painter by clicking on the current script icon in the Script Selector window, clicking the menu triangle (top right of the resulting Script Selector flyout), selecting Load Library from the resulting menu, navigating to the desired script library file in the resulting Choose Scripts dialogue, selecting (highlighting) the chosen file, before finally clicking Open in the dialogue.

When a Script Library script is accessed via a custom palette, the associated script library will automatically load, and the chosen script will automatically execute (play), which makes the process quick and easy. However, due to an 'auto-load script library via custom palette' bug in Painter IX, if you intend to run scripts via a custom palette, it is essential that the associated script library file is located at the top level of your Painter IX User folder (not in the application folder).

You will find the Painter IX User folder at the following location;

on Windows;

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Corel\Painter IX\

on the Mac;

<home folder>/Library/Application Support/Corel/Painter IX/

Initially, you will need to load the custom script library into Painter the long way in order to drag off the required script icons to your custom palette, but after that, providing your script library was in the correct location, life should be much simpler from there on in.